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Ultra-low temperature linear NTC temperature sensor

HN110 linear ultra-low temperature sensor is a new type of temperature sensitive device specialized in our company. It is a temperature-voltage linear conversion element with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC).

The product has a wide temperature range (-200 ~ +50 ° C), high temperature coefficient, good linearity, high interchangeability, high stability, etc., as well as 0 ° C reference voltage specifications (690 ~ 710mV). In addition, for instrumentation design, linearization is not required over the entire temperature range, simplifying the design and commissioning of the instrumentation circuit; Due to the above-mentioned remarkable features, the problem of detecting temperature and temperature control in the field of ultra-low temperature is well solved, and the situation that the ultra-low temperature sensor has long relied on imported products has been completely eliminated. This product is mainly used in various temperature and temperature control applications in the field of ultra-low temperature, such as: Pipeline liquid nitrogen liquid oxygen and other ultra-low temperature fluid temperature monitoring, space weather temperature wireless monitoring and telemetry, spacecraft ultra-low temperature detection, ultra-low temperature scientific test and other various temperature control occasions.

Ultra-low temperature linear NTC temperature sensor
Technical indicators
Temperature range:
HN110 type: -200-+50 °C; (2200 yuan / only)
HN111 type: -100–+50°C; (220 yuan/only)
HN112 type: -100--50 ° C; (160 yuan / only)
HN113 type: -150--100 °C; (1400 yuan / only)
HN114 type: -200–-100°C; (1700 yuan/only)
Reference voltage value (0 ° C): 690-710 mV (specifically calibrated at the factory);

Voltage temperature coefficient: -2.0mV / °C;
Linear deviation: <±1%;
Interchange accuracy:
Class I: ±0.3 °C;
Class J: ±0.5 °C;
Class K: ±1.0 °C;
Working current: 100μA;
Basic package: F-type Φ5 × 15mm metal shell package. Extension line: 0.8m polytetrafluorocarbon high temperature line.

Type A: see attached drawing;
Type B: Φ3×8mm metal case package (negative electrode and case are not insulated);
Type C: Φ3×10mm metal case package (negative electrode and case are not insulated),
Extension line: 13mm polytetrafluorocarbon high temperature line;
Custom package is also accepted.
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