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Service Hotline
+86 13827205356
01China NTC
PTC thermal sensitive ceramic materials engineering technology research and development center, China high tech enterprises, NTC, PTC thermistor industry standard setters
02Complete specifications
To provide you with the best choice, a number of technical patents, enterprise development momentum
03Strict management system
Authoritative international certification of products, reliable guarantee of high quality products, many technical patents, the achievement of enterprise development power
04Automatic mass production
This provides you with cost-effective products to provide better, more accurate, more reliable and stable,

Cheaper products are our goal.

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What Is Small Batch Manufacturing?
What Is Small Batch Manufacturing?

What Is A Low-Volume Sample Manufacturing ? Whether you need a hundred parts every few months, or hundreds of thousands of parts every month, our low-volume manufacturing service is for you. Its great ...

Accor electronics focus on brand, quality, integrit
Accor electronics focus on brand, quality, integrit

GHH head company: General Yang Qingdao Pu run machinery Co., Ltd is a professional air compressor energy-saving well-known domestic manufacturing enterprises...

+86 13827205356

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Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yaxun Electronic Hardware Product Co., Ltd. for the electronics, electrical appliances enterprises supporting Electronic protection element large conglomerates, It has now become the worlds electronics, Appliance industry supporting base. The company located in the world factory in Guangdong , Advantageous geographical conditions, plant a beautiful environment, convenient transportation. The company covers an area ......


Common problem

Application status of sensor technology in automobiles
In the era of rapid development of electronic technology, the control system of automobiles has gradually turned to electronic control systems. The most important one of these electronic control system...
Use NTC component temperature sensing to protect fast chargin
ICs that are typically placed in a charger or battery provide monitoring and control functions. But be sure to install one or more temperature sensors in the battery, charger, or battery compartment (...
NTC temperature control circuit diagram of a sensor used in r
The TC4011BP (Q801) is connected to two RS flip-flops. Among them, RS1 is used to control the operation of the compressor, and RS2 is used to control the defrosting work. The working process is as foll...
NTC thermistor used in refrigerator thermostat temperature se
The electronic temperature controller not only has the same temperature characteristics as the pressure type thermostat, but also can easily change the temperature characteristics according to the requ...
PTC thermistor comprehensive knowledge - application of heati
Thermistors are sensitive components that are developed early, have many types, and are more mature. The thermistor is composed of a semiconducting ceramic material, and the principle of utilization is...
The cause of the thermistor burning out _ the role of the the
The multimeter selects the appropriate resistance gear. The two test leads are respectively contacted at both ends of the thermistor, and the thermistor is heated by hand or heated by other means. If t...

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