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Rugged TDK NTC temperature sensor for measuring temperatures up to 300 C

TDK has introduced the new K525 component, a new EPCOS temperature coefficient (NTC) temperature sensor with a wide temperature range from -10 °C to +300 °C. This sensor uses a ceramic filler material is a ceramic ferrule design, very suitable for applications in harsh environments, and have excellent corrosion properties, can withstand acid and other corrosive media. With a response time of only 1.2 seconds, it can easily cope with measurement tasks with fast and frequent changes in temperature. At 25 ° C and 100 ° C, the resistance is about 48.5 kΩ and 3.3 kΩ, respectively, and the B value (20/100) is close to 4000 K. In terms of electrical performance, the new sensor has a high level of safety and has passed high voltage testing with a maximum leakage current of only 0.1 mA at 4 kV AC. With a wide temperature measurement range and a rugged ceramic housing, the new sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as industrial and automotive electronics, as well as household appliances.
EPCOS NTC temperature sensor
main application

Industrial and automotive electronics
Household appliances
Main features and benefits
Wide temperature measurement range: -10 ° C to +300 ° C
Rugged ceramic package that withstands corrosive media such as acids and bases
High voltage strength up to 4 kV AC
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