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Temperature sensors have a lot of benefits for people's lives. To bring convenience and comfort to the human environment, Temperature sensor is very broad use. Can be used for temperature measurement and control,Temperature compensation, flow rate, flow and wind speed measurement, level indication, temperature measurement, UV and infrared light measurements, Microwave power measurement and so on are widely used in color TV, Computer color display,
Switching power supply, Water heaters, refrigerators, kitchen equipment, air conditioning, automotive and other fields. In recent years, automotive electronics,The rapid growth of the consumer electronics industry has driven the rapid growth of global demand for temperature sensors.

Temperature is the physical quantity that characterizes the degree of hot and cold objects,Is a very important and common measurement parameter in the process of industrial and agricultural production.Temperature measurement and control to ensure product quality,Improve production efficiency, save energy, production safety,Promote the development of the national economy plays a very important role.Due to the universality of temperature measurement,The number of temperature sensors in a variety of sensors in the first place, accounting for about 50%.

Even our daily life most in need of favorite fresh fruits and vegetables are ultimately its shadow. Fresh fresh fruit and vegetable is one of the nutritious foods we need. With the improvement of living standards in China, People demand diversification of fruit, Fruits need to complement each other from different parts of the country. Now very fruit are imported from abroad, But long-distance transport has an impact on fruits and vegetables. The need for temperature sensor monitoring system so that fruits and vegetables have been kept fresh state. So in the transport of the temperature and humidity environment requirements are very high. Temperature sensor monitoring system to monitor the transport is the most important part.

In the transport of room temperature transport and refrigerated transport of the points, Which are ultimately the temperature sensor monitoring system. At room temperature in the transport of high temperature is easy to make fruit and vegetable storage time shorter, Resulting in a large number of rotten phenomenon. Then you can choose to take to avoid direct sunlight, Choose sooner or later cool time to transport. The use of temperature sensor monitoring system for testing and other measures, You can make fruit and vegetables better storage and long-distance transport.

Yaxun electronic cold chain transport system using the Internet of things to achieve environmental temperature monitoring platform. Only need to use the Internet of things with temperature sensor terminal equipment can be easily achieved. Temperature monitoring of cold storage transport storage environments for their own businesses. Users only need to download a free cold chain management computer client,By registering your account, You can control their own transport equipment in real time.

This temperature sensor monitoring system allows people to keep abreast of the fruit in the transport process of temperature changes. Through the advanced technology to fruit and vegetable quality for meticulous, real-time management, Improve product quality and efficiency of transport. But also help users save the cost of corruption caused by corruption in fruit and vegetables, Ready to carry out environmental temperature management and monitoring. Is essential for transport in the temperature monitoring system.
Temperature sensor system

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