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What is integrated temperature sensor?

The integrated temperature sensor is fabricated using a silicon semiconductor integrated process, So also known as silicon sensor or monolithic integrated temperature sensor. The integrated temperature sensor is characterized by: Information collection (ie, sensor technology), Information transmission (communication technology), information processing (computer technology). With high accuracy, fast response, Small size, low power consumption, Software interface control is convenient and so on. Is a commonly used temperature sensor products, With a good linear, Precision moderate, high sensitivity, small size, Easy to use, etc. Can effectively compensate for the traditional temperature sensor response time is slow, Thermal inertia, poor internal and other symptoms. It is widely used in various fields.
The main mechanism of temperature detection is the internal current source and ADC of the integrated temperature sensor, The integrated temperature sensor works as follows:
Using the semiconductor PN junction is positive, With different conduction voltage drop characteristics of the temperature measurement. By the semiconductor PN bump-ampere characteristic curve:
ID: Diode forward current,
IS: reverse saturation current of diode,
VD: Forward voltage drop of diode.

N: ideal for diodes (generally about 1),
K: Boltzmann constant (1.38 × 10-23 joules / K).

T: absolute temperature K,
Q: the charge of an electron (1.6 x 10-19 C)

The internal current source of the integrated temperature sensor sends two different currents. The ADC reads the different diode forward voltage drop at different currents. That is, when the current source sends a high current IDH, the ADC reads VDH.
MC14433 integrated temperature sensor circuit diagram
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