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The temperature sensor probe is much more appropriate length?

Temperature sensor probes should have been seen by everyone. What are the requirements for the length of the probe during the actual installation and application?

Temperature sensor probe length requirements
Generally, in practical applications, the temperature sensing part in front of the temperature sensor is OK as long as it is inserted into the pipe. If it is just for the temperature, then you don't have to consider the diameter of the probe. It's almost OK. Unless you are afraid of affecting the flow, you should consider the diameter is thick and thin. Regarding the insertion depth of the transformer temperature control probe, the requirements for the phase shift transformer temperature probe are generally 25cm~30cm. The casing made by the company to insert the temperature-controlled probe is generally 40cm, and the lowermost 5cm is subjected to deep heat shrinkage (as shown below). Since the probe and the bushing are inserted into the transformer, the bushing is used for the insulation of the probe and the transformer, and the length of the deep heat shrinkage at the bottom of the bushing is only 5 cm. If the probe is inserted too deeply or the length of the casing depth is too short, it will cause the transformer to discharge the temperature probe. Since the probe is connected to the temperature control display and the temperature controller is connected to the controller, the discharge brings a series of problems.

Temperature sensor probe length

In order to solve such problems, in order to reduce the possibility of discharge, it is now required for our service personnel to handle the temperature probe: the casing is taken out from the transformer and then compared. Then insert the probe into the cannula. The specific requirement is that the probe should be at least ≥10cm away from the bottom of the cannula. As shown below:
Transformer sensor probe
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