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The role of NTC chip in one-time temperature measurement special catheter

Keywords: NTC chip, NTC chip application, monitoring body temperature sensor, temperature measuring catheter
Monitoring body temperature is one of the important tasks of clinical care, because body temperature changes have very important clinical significance for clear diagnosis, judgment of disease and analysis of efficacy. Medical temperature probe has the characteristics of high accuracy and accuracy in patient temperature monitoring, and does not need complex disinfection process, so it is a better choice for most hospitals. Today, we introduce a disposable catheter for temperature measurement, which has high sensitivity and small error, and can avoid hospital infection caused by repeated use of medical devices. The catheter is used in a single patient to monitor the bladder temperature of the urethra while catheterizing, and its waterproof function prevents fluid from flowing back.

In the temperature measuring chamber in the disposable temperature measuring catheter, an NTC chip and a connecting wire are provided. The NTC chip is located at the front end of the multi-function cavity hose, which is connected with the connecting terminal through the connecting wire. The output temperature and impedance signals are transmitted to the medical monitor through wires and connecting terminals. The NTC chip is equipped with an insulating resin encapsulation layer, which can reduce the heat capacity of the temperature sensing head and improve the sensitivity of induction. When the temperature measuring catheter is inserted into the urethra where temperature measurement is required, the tip end of the development mark is provided. A layer of silicone is placed on the outer wall of the catheter to fill the balloon, which can be positioned in the desired position.

The one-time temperature measurement special catheter is not only convenient to use, but also has a short temperature measurement time, and the temperature measurement is more accurate and sensitive. The NTC chip used in the product is in the range of 25.0 ° C to 45.0 ° C, and the error temperature is ≤ ± 0.10 ° C; Outside the range of 25.0 ° C to 45.0 ° C, the error temperature is ≤ ± 0.20 ° C. It can help the catheter to better assist in monitoring the body temperature, making the patient's treatment more efficient and safe.
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