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NTC sensor components: measuring temperatures up to 650 °C

The TDK Group has introduced a new EPCOS NTC sensor element designed to measure temperatures up to 650 °C. The component is based on a high temperature ceramic sensor element that is attached to a metallized alumina rod and then packaged in a glass with high measurement accuracy at a temperature tolerance of ±1 K at 200 °C. Thanks to the glass package, the new components are extremely rugged. The new sensor is 16 mm long and has a glass package diameter of 2 mm. It is also equipped with a connection to the alumina rod (optional).
EPCOS high temperature NTC sensor element

The high temperature sensor is AEC-Q200 compliant and is designed for demanding automotive electronics applications such as exhaust gas recirculation systems. Mainly used in diesel engines to reduce excess oxygen in the combustion gases, resulting in the lowest levels of nitrogen oxides produced at high combustion temperatures. In a recirculation system, the NTC sensor measures the temperature of the exhaust gas and helps prevent engine overheating, especially the cylinder head and seat.

In electric vehicle applications, the new sensor monitors the temperature of the fuel cell used in the electric vehicle drive system (which produces electricity directly from hydrogen). It can also be used in household appliances such as self-cleaning furnaces (working according to the pyrolysis principle). Among them, the working principle of the self-cleaning furnace is to heat the furnace body to 500 ° C, and decompose the long-chain molecules of the food residue, so that most of them become gas and ash. The NTC sensor adjusts and stabilizes the desired temperature.
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