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Introduction of film temperature sensor and MEMS air pressure sensor connection technology

This sensor consists of an NTC thermistor and an FPC (flexible circuit board) with a thickness of approximately 100 μm. The length can be customized between 10~70mm, and the thickness can be 0.55mm. The core of the device is still a thermistor, but unlike other products, it uses NTC on a flexible substrate to complete routing in a narrow space.

film temperature sensor

This film temperature sensor has better temperature measurement accuracy and sensitivity (ie, thermal response time) than a conventional metal wire type temperature sensor. It can be applied to a wearable device or a mobile phone, for example, detecting skin temperature, or detecting the body temperature of the mobile device. At present, only Yaxun has introduced such sensors. In fact, the material system (NTC) itself has not changed, and the test accuracy may not be greatly optimized.

It is also important to note that if you need to test the user's skin temperature, you need a material that is connected to the skin temperature sensor, such as aluminum or stainless steel.
This product began mass production in October last year, and many wearable devices have adopted this sensor, but the specific products will have to wait.

MEMS air pressure sensor
The data monitored by the barometric sensor is highly correlated with temperature.
In the normal environment, the values of the general sensor test are not much different, but once the temperature changes, the test data is not necessarily accurate. With MEMS technology, the temperature coefficient can be adjusted to zero by changing the pressure of the pressure surface filling gas. The problem of temperature drift is also solved, so the measured air pressure value is relatively accurate.
Data obtained by NTC sensors and air pressure sensors at different heights
The figure shows the data obtained by the air pressure sensor at different heights shown by Yaxun. For example, if you raise or lower the air pressure sensing device, the change in air pressure will be displayed on the screen.
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