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Disposable NTC Probe Sensor for Body Temperature Detection of Ear Canal

Temperature is the external reaction of human health. Temperature monitoring can be directly used for the prevention and diagnosis of clinical diseases. Therefore, body temperature is particularly important among the four vital signs (T temperature, P pulse, R breathing, BP blood pressure) and ranks first. Medical temperature probe in temperature measurement, can be more accurate, safer, more comfortable to patients with continuous temperature management. It plays an increasingly important role in the post-operative prophylaxis.

Common methods for measuring body temperature include oral measurement, underarm measurement, and ear temperature measurement. The disposable ear canal temperature probe we introduced today can form a well-sealed measurement environment, accurately measure ear temperature, and achieve high measurement accuracy. It consists of a medical NTC chip, flexible earplugs, connecting wires and connectors.

The high-precision medical NTC chip in the body temperature probe is placed outside the top of the flexible earplug and exposed directly to the ear canal to acquire the ear temperature signal more accurately. The high-precision medical NTC chip in the body temperature probe is placed on the outer side of the top end of the flexible earplug, and is directly exposed to the ear canal during collection to more accurately collect the ear temperature signal. The resistance of the chip decreases with increasing temperature, and the medical device converts its impedance change into an electrical signal, and the body temperature value is calculated. The flexible earplug deforms quickly after being squeezed, and recovers slowly after the pressure is removed, which facilitates the placement of the measuring probe. One end of the cable is connected to the NTC chip, and the other end is connected to the connector. The connector is connected to the corresponding medical device to provide a communication interface between the body temperature probe and the medical device.

The high-precision NTC medical chip used in the disposable ear canal temperature probe can ensure the accuracy of measurement and the rapid response. It uses a flexible earplug material that has good skin affinity and is more comfortable and convenient for patients to wear. Moreover, it is used by a single patient, which can greatly reduce the risk of cross-infection between patients, ensure patient safety and avoid medical disputes.
Ear canal temperature probe sensor
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