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NTC thermistor applications
NTC thermistors have a wide range of applications. The medical industry relies on NTC thermistors in various applications such as catheters, dialysis equipment, and patient monitoring. Many household appliances such as dryers and coffee makers use NTC thermistors to accurately measure temperature. In the field of building control and process, HVAC and refrigeration equipment uses NTC sensors to measure temperature to improve efficiency and control levels. The automotive and aerospace industries use NTC thermistors for test, measurement, and production applications.

NTC Temperature Sensor ManufacturingNtc temperature sensor manufacturers
NTC temperature sensor is NTC thermistor function extension of the assembly, to facilitate the NTC thermistor temperature measurement and installation. In Ya Xun can provide different shapes of the appearance of temperature control probe design and production, very suitable for my company's rapid proofing and small batch production, for your products quickly put into production and testing to provide one-stop service. Start your next project design, learn more NTC temperature sensor information, please contact us immediately to obtain quotes and samples.

What Is The NTC Temperature Sensor
NTC temperature sensor is an NTC thermistor after the wire welding, encapsulate into a different probe and then use an epoxy seal. The NTC temperature sensor retains all the features of the NTC thermistor. After the optimization of the injection and cooling stages, will be made into a complete product, mass production is a continuous cycle of this processing step produced. Molding cycle according to product size, probe material and product design is different, a complete temperature sensor requires several different parts and processes.

Ntc temperature sensor structureNTC temperature sensor works
NTC temperature sensor working principle is the same with the NTC thermistor, the principle is: the resistance value of the resistance with increasing temperature decreases rapidly. It is usually composed of 2 or 3 kinds of metal oxides, and in the high temperature furnace forging into a precision ceramic sintered body. The actual size is very flexible, they can be as small as .010 inches or very small diameter. The maximum size is almost unlimited, but usually applies for half an inch or less.

NTC Temperature Sensor Features
● high sensitivity, fast response
● small size, easy to install
● resistance and B values with high precision, consistency interchangeability
● using double encapsulation process, with good sealing and insulation resistance to mechanical impact, flexural capacity
● Simple and flexible structure, according to the customer set different requirements.
● Wide operating temperature range, the device is suitable for room temperature -55 ℃ ~ 315 ℃, Temperature devices suitable temperature higher than 315 deg.] C (currently can reach 2000 ℃), low temperature can be applied to -273 ℃ ~ -55 ℃;
● easy to use, the resistance value can be arbitrarily selected between 0.1 ~ 100kΩ;
● easy to process into a complex probe shape, can be mass production;
● good stability, strong overload capacity.

NTC Temperature Sensor GlossaryNtc temperature sensor parameters
● R0: resistance of the thermistor at zero power at the specified temperature
● R-T curve: thermistor temperature curve
● Radial curve: the lead of electronic components, it has been introduced from the center line to the edge directed away from the element body. Lead wires parallel to one another to continue outwardly.
● Resistance: characteristic electrical equipment, which obstruct the flow of current.
● Resistance deviation: The additional tolerance due to the slope change compared to the specified nominal resistance temperature curve.
● Resistivity: When the property of the material body is reduced when it is reduced to the standard unit shape, the standard shape is taken as 1 cubic centimeter and the unit of measure is ohm-cm. It is advantageous in predicting the actual resistance of the thermistor at known resistivity and its size.
● Response time: Thermistor indicates the time required for the temperature step to change to the specified number of ranges
●Self-heating: the temperature rise due to the power dissipation within the thermistor.
● Slope: The steepness of the resistance temperature curve at the specified temperature range.
Is usually specified for every ° C ohm change or per ° C: [%] (value) change (also known as α).
● Time constant: (T.C.) Thermistor Indicates the time required for the temperature step to change to 63 [%].
● Wattage: Unit of measurement for the consumption or dissipation of electrical components

StructureNtc temperature sensor selection
Generally by the NTC thermistor, probe (metal shell or plastic shell), etc., to extend the lead, and metal terminal or terminal device
1-epoxy resin packaging
2-aluminum shell, copper shell, stainless steel shell and other packaging
3 - plastic shell package
4 plus fixed metal sheet
5 - Special form of packaging

Design And Application Of Ntc Temperature Sensor Probe
Medical applications:
Generally need ntc temperature sensor to monitor the temperature, blood flow or air flow. Common products are digital thermometer, incubator, skin sensor, catheter, dialysis equipment, respirator.
YX1 type epoxy seal:
  Features: anti-moisture, good insulation, high reliability, time constant is small, responsive.
Epoxy resin temperature sensor dimensions Epoxy resin temperature sensor seal diagram

Code A
D 3
L1 5
L2 According to customer requirements
L3 5.0±0.5
Applications: medical equipment, home air conditioning, refrigerators and so on

Appliances Temperature sensor applications:
Generally use the glass seal or metal probe NTC sensor, monitor and control the temperature of various electrical appliances, such as: oven, microwave, washing machine and dryer, dishwasher, toaster, blender, hair dryer, curling pliers, shower, air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, chiller
Widely used in rechargeable nickel-chromium batteries, NiMH batteries, cordless power tools, camcorders, portable CD players, radio charging control.
YX1 type (aluminum shell, copper shell, stainless steel shell, plastic shell, etc.):
Stainless steel probe - Outline construction and dimensions Metal probe NTC temperature sensor

Code A
D 3
L1 20
L2 According to customer requirements
L3 5.0±0.5

YX3 automotive temperature sensor
The car generally uses copper thread, glass package, Thin film NTC temperature sensor. For controlling the air flow and temperature monitoring, and submerged application. These devices are often used as intake sensors, batteries, engines and drive temperature sensors, air conditioning and internal / external ambient temperature sensors, as well as oil and gas level sensors.
Screw fixing temperature sensor size
Screw fixing temperature sensor size Automotive temperature sensor

YX4 Type Office Automation Temperature Sensor
Thin film ntc temperature sensor for a variety of office equipment: strapping machine, projector, color printer, copier, central processing unit (host), power supply temperature monitoring and control, as well as laptop computers, portable equipment rechargeable NiCad and NiMH The charging temperature of the battery is controlled.
Film temperature sensor
YX5 type (bullet probe temperature sensor):

Features: time constant is small, fast response, the use of flexible and reliable.
Bullet head probe temperature sensor size High temperature sensor
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