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Car temperature sensor classification(IATS,CTS,EATS)

■ Car intake air temperature sensor (IATS)
■ Automotive coolant temperature sensor (CTS)
■ automobile exhaust gas temperature sensor (Ex-haust Air Temperature Sensor, EATS)
■ car was NTC thermistor / temperature sensor
Car temperature sensor, Respectively, water temperature sensor, Exhaust | intake air temperature sensor. These types of sensors are thermistors with the same characteristics, The temperature coefficient is negative temperature coefficient. The water temperature sensor is mounted on the engine cooling water passage, Its role is to detect the engine cooling water temperature. The water temperature sensor housing is fully enclosed, Use the change of resistance value to detect water temperature.The signal temperature value generated by the water temperature sensor is input to the ECU, ECU according to the cooling water temperature ignition control, Correction fuel injection amount to real-time control of the engine. To ensure the normal operation of the engine under different conditions.
Intake | outlet temperature sensors are installed, Within the housing of the air cleaner box or regulator, The air flow meter or an intake manifold, Used to detect the temperature of the engine inhaled air. As the intake air temperature changes will affect the air density, The hotline, hot film cooling strength and the degree of atomization of the mixture have an impact, Intake air temperature sensor, Provide a signal to correct this effect.
 Car temperature sensor
High sensitivity, rapid response.
• Resistor value and B value are high precision, consistent and interchangeable.
• With a two-layer sealing process, Has a good insulation seal and resistance to mechanical collision, Anti-bending ability, good stability, high reliability.
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