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Battery pack NTC temperature sensor features

Power battery work current, heat production, The battery pack is a relatively closed environment. This will cause the battery temperature to rise. Iron phosphate battery operating temperature requirements below 60 ℃, While the summer outdoor has been close to 40 ℃, While the battery itself produces heat, This will cause the battery operating environment to be too hot. One of the main causes of battery temperature rise is the temperature rise caused by battery internal resistance.
Lithium ion batteries inside the battery heat includes the heat of reaction,Polarization heat and Joule heat. The reaction heat is negative at the time of charging, Positive for discharge, Joule heat is generated by battery internal resistance. When the battery temperature reaches 70-80 degrees, The reaction heat accounted for a large proportion of the total heat of the battery. And when the temperature is lower than the above-mentioned temperature discharge, Joule accounted for a larger proportion of heat.

NTC temperature sensor used in the new energy vehicles more and more widely in the battery pack. The general selection of resistance value for the R25 = 10K B value of 3435 thermistor. With the global energy saving, Environmental awareness continue to strengthen, At present, "energy-saving emission reduction" is one of the main directions of global industrial development. This aspect refers to the need to continue to develop the internal combustion engine engine "energy saving" technology. On the other hand refers to the need to strengthen the development of new energy vehicles. Among them, the new hybrid / pure electric vehicle is the main direction. The new electric vehicle is driven by motor, Gasoline / Diesel Driven for Hybrid Design. Which used the sensor mainly includes the sensor to detect the battery temperature, Monitor the motor temperature sensor, And a thermistor temperature sensor for the battery cooling system and the like.

A new type of electric vehicle / hybrid / is a basic component of the electric motor (commonly known as the motor). In order to ensure the long life of the motor and to play its best performance, The temperature of the electric motor also needs to be continuously monitored. As precisely as possible in the temperature above 140 ℃ range of work, It is also crucial to determine the temperature of the stator windings. This is the only way to make full use of all the advantages of a motor in the event of a risk of overheating. In order to measure the temperature of the stator, Also requires the sensor should be easy to install, And to ensure that the sensor during the installation and operation.

Battery Pack High Precision NTC Temperature Sensor Dimensions
Battery pack ntc temperature sensor dimensions
1. Operating temperature -30 ℃ - 90 ℃
2. High precision, interchangeability, good consistency
3. Good heat resistance
4. Good stability
5. Lead free, RoHS compliant
Application scope
Home appliances and computers and other equipment battery pack

Battery pack ntc temperature sensor
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