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What is thermistor drift?

The main part of the thermistor is a semiconductor ceramic, Its performance will generally be more stable. But if long-term use of high temperature, high load, Its resistance value will increase slightly with the time drift. But not too much, does not affect the use.
The thermistor has zero drift and temperature drift:
Time drift-- That is, for the system, As time increases, Equivalent to aging the system. In this way, the structural characteristics of the system will change, Resulting in drift.
temperature drift--Temperature caused by the zero instability. visible, The effect of temperature is the most important factor in generating zero drift. Is also the most difficult to control.

Stability refers to the thermistor reference voltage value of the annual drift. This drift is then converted to the temperature value by the temperature-to-voltage conversion factor, Ie stability = ± ΔV / S / year. Linear thermistor stability of ± 0.05 ℃ / year. This parameter describes the use of thermistor under a variety of conditions to maintain the original characteristics of the ability.

Solve thermistor temperature drift:
There are two general ways to solve the thermistor temperature drift, hardware and software. Hardware methods are in the bridge arm on the string, parallel to the appropriate constant resistance method, Bridge arm thermistor compensation method. Bridge outside the string, parallel thermistor compensation method. Double bridge compensation technology, Transistor compensation technology. The software method is to eliminate the offset by the software program. This method corresponds to the digital output of the sensor is very practical. Customers can write their own software to achieve, Or when the thermistor can be adjusted by means of digital display table to achieve. Are very convenient.
What is thermistor drift
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