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NTC thermistor Chip in Thermal Print Head

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-05-18 17:28

First of all, we will learn about the thermal printing head. Thermal printing head (TPH) can be divided into thin film thermal printing head and thick film thermal printing head according to different manufacturing processes. The thin film thermal printing head is manufactured by sputtering and evaporation. Thick film thermal printing head is manufactured by printing, drawing, sintering and other thick film processes.

For thermal printers, printheads, cutters, power supplies, motors and sheet metal are the five main raw materials of the highest unit price of all raw materials and functioning as a printer. These five main raw materials account for between 35% and 40% of the total production cost of the whole machine. Among them, the thermal print head (TPH) accounts for more than 10%, which is the key to thermal printing technology. Production costs are the top priority for products to occupy the market.

The thermal printhead consists of a row of heating elements that all have the same electrical resistance. These components are densely packed, ranging from 200 dpi to 500 dpi. These components quickly generate high temperatures when passing a certain current. When the dielectric coating encounters these components, the temperature rises in a very short period of time and the dielectric coating reacts chemically to produce a color. And a thermal print head only accounts for about 10% of the production cost of the whole machine.

Thermistor chip in the thermal print head

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