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Pt100 RTD Thin Film Element Sensor

Product Item: Pt100 RTD Thin Film Element Sensor
Category: PT100 Sensor
RTD Thin Film Element Temperature Sensor: MPT100 10R 5%, 1-2176429-3; MPT100A10RJ, MPT100A3R3J: 1-2176429-0; MPT100 4R7 5%, MPT100A4R7J: 1-2176429-1; MPT100 6R8 5%, MPT100A6R8J: 1-2176429; MPT100 100R 5%, MPT100C100RJ: 1-2176429-9; MPT100 10K 5%, MPT100C10KJ: 3-2176429-1; 5RJ: 1-2176429-4; MPT100 1K5 5 %, MPT100C1K5J: 2-2176429-6; MPT100 220R 5%, MPT100C220RJ: 2-2176429-1; MPT100 22R 5%, MPT100C22RJ: 1-2176429-5; MPT100 2K2 5%, MPT10 0C2K2J: 2-2176429-7; MPT100 330R 1%, MPT100C330RF: 6-2176429-1; MPT100 47R 5%, PT100C47RJ: 1-2176429-7; MPT100 680R 5%, MPT100C680RJ: 2-2176429-4; MPT100 6K8 5% , MPT100C6K8J: 3-2176429-0 ; MPT100 1R5 5%, MPT100T1R5J: 2176429-8; MPT100 1R0 5%, MPT100X1R0J: 2176429-7; MPT100 R10 5%, MPT100XR10J: 2176429-1; MPT100 R15 5%, MPT 100XR15J: 2176429-2.

Pt100 RTD thin film elements are the most common type of RTD sensor and have a basic resistance value of 100 ohms at 0°C. Complies with DIN EN 60751.

Product Features:
     RTD element type: platinum film temperature element;
     Component packaging: ceramic;
     Component material: platinum;
     Wire count: 2;
2-wire PT100 temperature sensor 3-wire PT100 temperature sensor
2-wire PT100 temperature sensor 3-wire PT100 temperature sensor

The 623M Series Bolt-On RTD Probe Sensor is a small, multi-dimensional sensor for use in applications requiring legacy accessories or where space is limited.
The 300 Series Stator RTD Sensor is a flat, rectangular, laminated sensor commonly referred to as a “stator bar” because they are inserted between the coils of the motor stator.
Series 111 direct immersion process threaded RTD probe sensors feature stainless steel sheaths and solder joints available in 1/8” NPT, 1/4” NPT, 3/8” NPT, 1/2” NPT or 3/4” NPT.
A micro-embedded RTD probe is a miniature temperature sensor designed to be embedded in areas with limited space.
The 510M Series HVAC Averaging RTD Probe Sensor is designed for use in and around HVAC system intake manifolds and heating/cooling coils.
The 157M/158M Series Sanitary Meat RTD Probe Sensors are designed with a 316 stainless steel housing that is polished to a specific surface finish to reduce the area that can harbor bacteria.
The 130 Series Spring Rebound Thermowell RTD Sensor is designed for applications where spring-rebound sensors require easy removal without shutting down the system.
Series 516M wall-mounted air sensing RTD probe sensors are commonly used to monitor indoor and outdoor air temperatures.
The 310 Series Tip Sensitive Bearing RTD Probe Sensor is a tubular temperature sensor with a sensing element encapsulated in a copper alloy tip.
The 302F Series Toggle Stator RTD sensor, also known as an air or gas RTD, is used to measure the temperature of air entering and exiting motors and generators.
Constructed with a stainless steel sheath, the 120 Series spring-rebound stainless steel RTD probe utilizes a spring to provide positive contact between the tip and process, reducing the sensor's time response and providing more consistent temperature readings.
500 Series Point Sensing RTD Probe Sensors feature a rigid stainless steel sheath with an element embedded in an aluminum tip.

Pt100, 2.0x2.3, Class B, PTFC101BC1G0; Pt100, 2.0x2.3, Class B, PTFC101B1G0; Pt100, 2.0x2.3, Class A, PTFC101A1G0; Pt100, 1.2x4.0, Class B, PTFM101B1G0; Pt10 0, 2.0x5.0, Class B, PTFD101B1A0; Pt100, 2.0x2.3, Class T, PTFC101T1G0; Pt100, 1.2x4.0, Class T, PTFM101T1G0; Pt100, 2.0x2.3, Class B, PTFC101B1A0; Pt100, 2.0 x2 .3, Class A, PTFC101A1A0; Pt100, 2.0x2.3, Class T, PTFC101T1A0; Pt100, 1.2x4.0, Class B, PTFM101B1A0; Pt100, 1.2x4.0, Class A, PTFM101A1A0; , Class C, PTFC101C1G0; Pt100, 2.0x5.0, Class C, PTFD101C1G0; Pt100, 2.0x5.0, Class B, PTFD101B1G0; 2.0x5.0, Class A, PTFD101A1G0; Pt100, 1.2x4.0, Class A, PTFM101A1G0; Pt100, 2.0x5.0, Class T, PTFD101T1A0; Pt100, 2.0x5.0, Class T, PTFD101T1G0.
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