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Production and application of platinum temperature sensor

Product Item: Production and application of platinum temperature sensor
Category: PT100 Sensor
PT100 and PT1000 platinum thermal resistance temperature sensors are the most commonly used temperature detectors in the medium and low temperature areas.

PT100 and PT1000 platinum thermal resistance temperature sensors are the most commonly used temperature detectors in the medium and low temperature areas.

Structure of platinum temperature sensor
The temperature probe part is made of anti-vibration and corrosion-resistant material, which prolongs the service life. The threaded fixing form of the ferrule can adjust the depth of insertion. The sealing element is added to strengthen the sealing performance and prevent the medium from leaking. Using high-precision platinum thermal resistance element, the temperature measurement is more accurate. The lead adopts four-core metal shielded wire, which has strong anti-interference ability.

STT-F Metal case temperature sensor STT-F series temperature sensor is encapsulated in a metal shell, filled with thermal conductive material and sealing material, and is waterproof and moisture-proof. It is suitable for temperature measurement on the surface of an object;
The fast-drying adhesive bonding method can be used to fix the surface of the measured object, which is convenient for removing the temperature sensor and achieves the purpose of reuse without damaging the surface of the measured object.
STT-M Magnetic encapsulated temperature sensor STT-M series temperature sensors are packaged with magnetic bodies. For paramagnetic metal surfaces, it can be easily sucked to the surface for temperature measurement and can be easily installed and removed. It is suitable for the detection of the key point temperature of large equipment before leaving the factory, and other occasions where the temperature detection point needs to be replaced frequently, so as to improve the efficiency of temperature detection
STT-A Platinum resistance sensor with spring-loaded structure The STT-A series platinum resistance temperature sensor has a spring tightening structure, which makes the temperature measurement surface and the measured object closely contact, and the temperature measurement is rapid and accurate. Widely used in temperature measurement of plastic machinery, molds, bearings, etc.
STT-B Platinum resistance sensor with waterproof stainless steel housing The STT-B series temperature sensor is packaged in a stainless steel case, and the head is a waterproof junction box. It is widely used in thermal energy engineering, electric power, food, pharmaceutical, pressure vessel, petrochemical and other processing industries. As well as the temperature measurement of large-scale machinery and equipment such as ovens, plastic chemical fibers, and refrigeration units
STT-W Platinum resistance sensor protected by ABS shell The STT-W series temperature sensor is protected by an ABS shell with a vent hole on the side to measure the ambient temperature quickly and accurately. Suitable for the measurement of ambient temperature such as weather and room
STT-E Platinum resistance sensor encapsulated in glass fiber epoxy sheet STT-E series temperature sensor uses glass fiber epoxy board as the base material. Using numerical control processing technology and packaging equipment, the product size error is small, and the measurement accuracy is high. This series of products can truly reflect the average temperature change along the length of the measured object. Mainly used for temperature measurement between motor winding and winding and between winding and iron core steel sheet.
STT-D Temperature sensor of heat meter The heat meter temperature sensor is precisely assembled with imported thin-film platinum resistance elements and strictly complies with the requirements of national and international industry standards. The product is resistant to vibration, high temperature, good stability and high precision. It adopts computer automatic detection and matching system, automatic control, automatic reading of data, automatic calculation and matching, automatic accumulation of codes, and automatic printout. The whole process is automated to ensure that each pair of temperature sensors meet the high-precision matching requirements.
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