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Cost calculation and purchase of thermocouple

Product Item: Cost calculation and purchase of thermocouple
Category: PT100 Sensor
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The price of thermal resistance and thermocouple sensors depends on the product model. Tell me specifically about your product model, length, related specifications, quantity,

For example, pt100, 230 and 350 long platinum resistors Price: ex-factory price is around ¥60
If it is a quick-response thermocouple, the price of ks kb thermocouple is generally ¥ 4--5 per piece. The price of kw thermocouple is around RMB 2
The price of a one-meter-long ordinary K-type thermocouple 130 is about ¥80. The price of a riot-proof thermocouple is about 200 yuan. The price of integrated thermocouple is about RMB 200
One meter long wear-resistant thermocouple, the price of wear-resistant head is 300 long The price of thermocouple is about RMB 400
One meter long platinum and rhodium thermocouple, the current price of thermocouple is about ¥2000-2500

Due to changes in the price of raw materials, the price of the thermocouple above will also follow the market conditions.

The thermal resistance measures the temperature around -100---550 ℃. Thermocouple temperature measurement 0-1300 ℃. Generally, a thermal resistance is used to measure the temperature below 500 degrees, and a thermocouple is used for temperatures above 500 degrees.

The main classification of thermocouple
1. According to the type of thermocouple fixing device
As the main temperature measurement method, thermocouples have a wide range of uses, so there are many requirements for fixed devices and technical performance. Therefore, there are six types of thermocouple fixing devices: non-fixed device type, threaded type, fixed flange type, movable flange type, movable flange square type, and tapered protection tube type.
2. Classified according to the assembly and structure of thermocouples
According to the performance of the thermocouple, the structure can be divided into: Detachable thermocouples, flameproof thermocouples, armored thermocouples and compression spring fixed thermocouples and other special-purpose thermocouples.

Platinum rhodium 10-platinum rhodium, graduation number S type, measuring range 1600 (℃)
Tolerance class ii class Thermal response time 1 (s).
  Connection type, a variety of options
Dimensions Customized (mm) Specifications 1200MM, 1000MM, 950MM, 900MM, 850MM, 800mm, 750MM, 700MM, 650MM, 600MM, 550MM, 500MM, 450MM, 400MM, 350MM, 300mm, 250mm, 200mm. The default stainless steel pipe length is 150. Non-standard customized ceramic tube outer diameter

The thermocouple temperature measuring device is divided into two parts: one part is a thermocouple, and the other part is a display instrument. When choosing, please determine the material of thermocouple according to the temperature. Commonly used ones, the operating temperature is below 800 degrees, and the price is cheap; Platinum and rhodium-platinum is expensive, and the operating temperature is below 1200 degrees. The price factor also depends on the material and length of the protective tube. The longer it is, the more expensive it is. The display meter corresponds to the material model of the thermocouple, usually a digital display. 1m long 304 stainless steel protection tube, nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon thermocouple, with mathematical display instrument, within ¥1500.

The price of t-type thermocouple wire is ¥33
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