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Application of NTC thermistor temperature measurement in circuit diagram of LED lighting system

In LED lighting systems, SMD NTC thermistors can help achieve higher luminous efficiency and extend the life of LEDs. The efficiency of the LED source is highly dependent on the temperature of the semiconductor junction. Because of the extreme temperature, the power degradation will be accelerated, the light intensity will be weakened, the color deviation and the service life will be significantly shortened, and even the LED system will be completely damaged. Too low a temperature will result in a decrease in luminous efficiency, which in turn will result in a decrease in the lumen value per volume unit, so the customer must try to avoid such a phenomenon. For maximum efficiency, the temperature must be within the specified optimum temperature range (typical for 70°C to 90°C for LED applications).

If the SMD NTC thermistor is installed in the LED circuit, every change in the optimum operating temperature will cause a significant change in the resistance of the NTC component. After the comparator evaluation, the current flowing through the LED will be reduced, and the power loss of the LED will be reduced, thereby extending the service life. The figure below shows the corresponding circuit. We offer a sample kit with Yaxun SMD NTC thermistors for LED lighting system developers.

 In addition to the standard series, we have developed a series of automobile protection system. The new automobile series NTC thermistor has passed the AEC-Q200 certification, and is suitable for the application of the highest temperature + 150 C. It can also be used in automotive electronic equipment such as ECUs and air conditioning systems, as well as battery temperature monitoring or charging systems.
Yaxun Design SMD NTC Thermistor Applied to Protect the Circuit of LED Lighting System
LED lighting system thermal protection circuit diagram
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