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Design of Protection Circuit Diagram for Temperature Measurement Microcontroller of SMD NTC Thermistor

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-07-03 16:21

To ensure proper operation of power semiconductor components, logic components, microcontrollers, and processors, overheating must be avoided. With its compact size (such as the EIA0402), the new SMD NTC thermistors can be placed directly adjacent to the microcontroller and other hotspots on the board. Since the solder joints form good thermal contact with the board and the self-heating of the components is minimal, the new thermistor enables high-precision temperature monitoring of semiconductor sensitive components. Due to the high thermal shock resistance of YAXUN's SMD NTC thermistors, this series of thermistors is not only suitable for reflow soldering processes, but also for wave soldering. Designers can place thermistors on the bottom of circuit boards, such as the back of microcontrollers, to ensure that even large microcontrollers can form excellent thermal contact.
The figure below shows a typical microcontroller protection circuit.

Yaxun designed microcontroller protection circuit diagram
Microcontroller thermal protection circuit

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