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Application of NTC Thermistor Temperature Measurement in Blood Glucose Resistance Instrument

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2019-05-14 14:21

There are two differences in the working principle of the blood glucose meter, one is photoelectric type, and the other is electrode type.
Photoelectric blood glucose meters belong to the traditional blood glucose meter, and its price is relatively cheap. However, the probe is exposed to the air and is easily contaminated, which affects the test results. The error range is around ±0.8 and the service life is relatively short. The electrode probe of the electrode type blood glucose meter is built in to avoid contamination, and the error range is generally about ±0.5. In normal use, no calibration is required and the service life is long. Today, we will briefly introduce the electrode type blood glucose meter with NTC thermistor.

The NTC thermistor in the electrode type blood glucose meter has the functions of temperature detection, temperature compensation and temperature control. NTC thermistor is made of advanced semiconductor process, NTC thermistor material and processing technology combined with independent intellectual property rights. It realizes the high precision, fast response and mass production of NTC thermistors, and is widely used in various temperature detecting instruments.

Electrode type blood glucose meter NTC thermistor

The NTC thermistor in the electrode type blood glucose meter can reduce the inaccurate detection of the blood glucose meter due to temperature problems, and the sugar friends can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles. When using a normal blood glucose meter, measure the fasting blood sugar if you are in the morning. The cold blood glucose meter (but also within the normal operating temperature, there is no low temperature display) measured the value exceeded the standard. Then you need to put the blood glucose meter on your belly (or warm blanket) for 5 minutes, then test it to get the correct value. This requires the sugar friends to check the temperature of the blood glucose meter before testing, and also worry about whether the ambient temperature has reached the proper temperature. The electrode type blood glucose meter incorporates an NTC thermistor, which maintains good stability even in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, and enables higher-precision detection when detecting blood sugar.

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