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What is water temperature sensor

Water temperature sensor is a kind of temperature sensor. Its temperature sensing element is a thermistor, Its resistance is between 275 ohms and 6500 ohms.And the lower the temperature the higher the resistance, The higher the temperature, the lower the resistance.

Water pump temperature sensor
Classification by working principle:
1, the role of water temperature sensor is relatively simple, Is through its internal resistance changes, Varied by varying the current to drive the temperature change of the water table, Indirectly tell people the engine's operating temperature.

2, its role is to the engine control unit, To provide a temperature change of the analog signal. Its supply voltage is provided by the control unit 5V power supply,  The signal returned to the control unit is a linear change signal of 1.3V to 3.8V. The main function is to tell the engine control unit how much the current temperature. In turn, its signal for the control unit and its importance. Mainly the engine has different working methods at different operating temperatures.

But the two water temperature sensors they are working under different voltage conditions, Water supply temperature sensor is 12V, And for the engine control unit with a 5V, So they are not interchangeable. Moreover, their plug shape itself is not the same.
The two kinds of temperature sensing is the difference:
The former plug only one wire, While the latter for the engine control unit signal, There are two wires in the plug.
Water temperature sensor
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