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Resettable fuse functional classification

Polymer PPTC
Resettable fuse, the materials can be divided into two kinds:
1. Polymer PPTC;
2, ceramic CPTC, two kinds resettable fuse.
According to the packaging form, it can be divided into 2 types of recoverable fuses:
1, plug leads resettable fuse;
2, SMD patch resettable fuse. It can also be divided into 600V, 250V, 130V, 120V, 72V, 60V, 30V, 24V, 16V, 6V, etc. according to the voltage.

The main advantages of polymer PPTC are: the zero-power resistance at room temperature can be very small, the high-current products are only a few milliohms, the power consumption in the circuit is small, negligible, and the volume is relatively small.
It can be connected in series in vulnerable circuits for overcurrent protection and temperature fuse. The resistance mutation speed is fast, on the order of several ms. The heat capacity is small, the recovery time is short, the impact resistance, and the cycle protection can reach 8000 times.
PTC can be used as a thermal fuse, so the performance and function of the thermal fuse are reflected in the circuit to a certain extent.

To achieve the dual protection function of over-current protection and over-temperature protection in the circuit.

The main advantage of ceramic CPTC is that it is easy to manufacture and relatively cheap. However, the resistance is large, the volume is large, and the road loss is large, with a range of tens to thousands of Ω, which is suitable for small current overcurrent protection. When the high temperature is overheated, the negative resistance effect (the resistance value becomes smaller) is prone to occur, the protection speed is slow, in the order of hundreds of ms, the heat capacity is large, and the recovery time is long.
The application range is relatively narrow. For example, it cannot be applied to circuits that require fast protection: automotive wiring harness protection, PCB trace protection, etc. It is mostly used in heating devices, and can be used in some small signal circuits where loss is not required.

Product specifications

All specifications of this series of products are: 30-50Ω, 50-70Ω, 70-100Ω, 100-200Ω, 100-300Ω, 300-500Ω, 500-800Ω, 800-1200Ω, 1200-1800Ω, 2K-3KΩ, 3K-5KΩ

Can replace the following models

MZ11-03N151H265, MZ11-03M101H250, MZ11-03M151H265, MZ11-03M102N265, MZ11-03N70RH250, MZ11-03N101H250, MZ11-03P151H250, MZ11-04M45RN265, MZ11-04N151H265, MZ11-04P70RH250, MZ11-04P121

MZ11-05M70RH250, MZ11-05M121H265, MZ11-05M601N420, MZ11-05M232N420, MZ11-05M312N265, MZ11-05N301H265, MZ11-05N151H265, MZ11-05N601H265, MZ11-05N102H265, MZ11-05P39RH265, MZ11-05P70RH265, MZ11-05P85RH265, MZ11-05P181H265

ceramic CPTC fuse
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