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PTC can protect the device after it has been overheated

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The security power supply has two outputs and multiple outputs. The single output power supply is an independent power supply and is only suitable for independent camera power supply. For multi-camera systems, it is not practical; Most of the time, the multi-camera and DVR form an array system. The electromagnetic environment in which these devices and systems are located is generally complicated. The most common problems are lightning damage to equipment, over-current damage caused by unstable power supply voltage, equipment damage caused by excessive temperature, damp water vapor damage and so on. There are also artificial wiring errors during construction, maintenance and repair.

Thermoelectric furnace PTC over-temperature protection design

The above phenomena are difficult to avoid. We must take effective protective measures to avoid a series of problems caused by equipment damage. At present, PTC self-recovery fuses are the best way to protect circuits, which is simple and reliable. Usually PTC self-recovery fuses can take advantage of the following:

(1) PTC is equipped with lightning protection components at the power input end for lightning protection and overcurrent protection applications: In this application, the main reason is to avoid power supply voltage fluctuations and lightning current interference to cause overcurrent damage to related equipment.

(2) PTC application in single-supply multi-branch power supply system:
In this application, the problem of smashing the entire system due to damage to a single device can be solved. In this system, PTC can solve the problem that the whole system cannot work normally due to short circuit of one of the devices (such as a single user in the building intercom). The ultimate goal is to protect the faulty device from the system when the short circuit occurs, without affecting the normal operation of other devices. It can effectively avoid installation and easy to produce various errors (such as short circuit, power line reverse, data line and power line connection error), and damage the device.

(3) Solving the problem of over-temperature protection: For outdoor equipment and faulty equipment, the PTC can provide protection in time after the equipment is overheated due to high current heating and exceeding the normal operating temperature.

It can be seen that in various situations, the self-recovery fuse can exert its own advantages to effectively protect the security power supply from overcurrent and overtemperature.
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