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NTC thermistor temperature measurement protection applied to charging pile circuit design

Advanced charging technology not only requires the battery to have the highest possible temperature, but also ensures that the charging current at the highest allowable temperature is lower than the maximum charging current of the battery. When the charging current causes the battery to reach the upper temperature limit, the rechargeable battery must reduce the current very accurately to avoid damage. The more accurate and rapid the battery temperature change detection, the more accurate and faster the charging current adjustment. This technology ensures that the battery is fully charged in the shortest amount of time and that the battery is not overheated.

For applications such as fast charging, it is also necessary to measure the ambient temperature to avoid excessive temperature differences between the environment and the battery. To do this, the customer needs to place the second NTC thermistor directly on the charging board. The following figure shows such a typical circuit.
Yaxun design thermistor protection charger circuit
Design drawing of charger protection circuit
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