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NTC temperature sensor used in the medical field

NTC temperature sensor is used in the medical field
The sensor is the core component of information technology and the only functional device for data collection. The data it collects can ensure the smooth operation of the entire sensing, transmission and processing information system. With the rapid development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the sensor market, including NTC temperature sensors, is expanding. Relevant data show that the market size of my country's sensors has exceeded 200 billion yuan in 2019 and is expected to reach nearly 300 billion yuan in 2021.

As the "front sentinel" of data collection, NTC sensors also play a very important role in the medical field. Medical NTC sensors integrate a variety of advanced technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, power supply technology and new communication technology. It has obvious advantages such as high sensitivity, miniaturization, convenience, low cost and interconnectivity. There are many types of medical NTC sensors, and different types of medical sensors can play different roles in the medical field. Generally speaking, medical sensors have multiple purposes such as detecting biological information, clinical monitoring, and controlling the physiological processes of the human body. Guo Meng, secretary general of the Sensitive Components and Sensors Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association, said in an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News: In the process of fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic. NTC sensors play a key role in the fields of pathology detection, physiological monitoring, life maintenance, and environmental control.

According to the working principle, medical sensors can be divided into chemical sensors, biological sensors and physical sensors. NTC temperature sensor belongs to the category of physical sensors. NTC temperature sensors played an important role in medical equipment in the fight against new coronary pneumonia this year. Such as the NTC temperature sensor required in a ventilator. After a virus infection, breathing difficulties are a typical symptom of critically ill patients, and the ventilator can maintain a certain pressure on the alveoli at the end of expiration, increase the functional residual capacity, and prevent alveolar collapse. Thereby, the ventilation and ventilation functions are changed, and the purpose of assisting respiratory therapy for the patient is realized. Multiple sensors are designed and installed in the ventilator to control air flow, pressure and humidity in real time, continuously and accurately, and maintain the patient's continuous breathing function. Therefore, breathing equipment will use sensors such as gas mass flow, pressure, humidity, temperature and magnetism. Monitor and control airflow, pressure, temperature and humidity and other indicators, while supporting and ensuring stable motor control system operation.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people will pay more and more attention to their own health problems. At present, more and more smart electronic devices are linked to health detection, and the realization of health monitoring or other functions is inseparable from the cooperation of sensors. The NTC temperature sensor is not limited to the diagnosis and treatment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic or medical diseases. It can realize the detection of daily health status and escort people's life and health.

The NTC temperature sensor produced by YAXUN Electronics has high reliability, good consistency and long service life, and can work normally in very harsh environments. The core components of NTC temperature sensor have passed CQC mark certification, German TUV certification and American UL, C-UL safety certification, and automotive grade MF52, MF51, and MF58 have passed AEC-Q200 testing. MF58 series products have passed 100,000 endurance tests in the UL standard. At present, the MF51E high-precision NTC thermistor temperature sensor for electronic thermometers produced by YAXUN Electronics has significant advantages such as high accuracy, high stability, high interchangeability, and low price. In the temperature range of 32~42℃, the temperature measurement accuracy error can reach ±0.025℃. In addition, the wide temperature zone high-precision NTC temperature sensor product developed and produced by YAXUN Electronics can measure the temperature within the temperature range of 0~70℃, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach the level of ±0.05℃. YAXUN Electronics' various high-precision NTC temperature sensors are not only used in medical equipment. It has also been widely used in other fields such as automotive electronics, household appliances, industrial automation, etc.
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