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Function of NTC Temperature Sensor

Discrete NTC Sensor Type NTC Sensor Wire Resistance (at 25°C) (kΩ) NTC Temperature Sensor function and application
Glass (Single-ended,Bead) Encapsulated NTC Resistance 36 AWG (0.5mm) Axial Tin/Nickel Plated Copper, 100, 50kΩ,10,5, 1 D0-35 Glass NTC, What is a glass encapsulated thermistor?
These devices are hermetically sealed, reducing resistance reading errors (as a result of moisture penetration). They provide long-lasting reliability and stability, enabling high-precision temperature sensing in specific applications.
The benefits of a glass encapsulated thermistor include:
More accurate than thermocouples and RTD probes
Less expensive than other temperature sensing devices
One of the fastest response times on the market
Not limited by solder temperature. This allows these thermistors to be used in a wide range of temperatures (−40 ° C to +300 ° C)
The small size of the devices allows them to be placed inside a wide variety of housings (ring lugs and hex nuts)
Epoxy Coated DISC NTC Thermistor Alloy lead wires for reduced thermal conductivity ("stem effect"),32 AWG Alloy 180 Leads 100, 50kΩ,10,5, 1kΩ,30 ,2.252 kΩ, 3 kΩ Custom Sensor Probe Assemblies Available
Detection, temperature control
Assembly into probes for a wide variety of applications
Epoxy is often used to create a protective barrier for NTC thermistors, however epoxy is not a waterproof seal. Engineers can use epoxy protected thermistors to protect thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength.
These thermistors are teardrop-shaped beads that have two radial leads. These thermistors are used in medical devices that measure temperature and air flow. You can also find epoxy bead thermistors in automotive applications.
Protecting NTC thermistors from direct exposure to fluids is essential for the operation of different devices. Heat conductive epoxy can be used inside a stainless steel housing, but it is not completely waterproof. Glass parts or laser welded parts that are hermetically sealed would be more ideal for humid environments.
DO-35 GLASS AXIAL 35 AWG (0.5mm) Axial Tin/Nickel Plated Copper
Nickel Plated Copper Clad Steel , .5mm OD  
Glass Axial Discrete
1000,100, 50kΩ,10,5, 1kΩ, 1. Glass sealed packaging with firm structure and good heat resistance, applicable in severe environments.
2. High precision resistance, B values with high reliability and stability, high sensitivity, good interchangeability, good consistency, high performance, small size and light weight.
3. Suitable for related equipment with temperature measurement and controls thermal protection circuits in family appliances, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, electromagnetic oven, bake oven, electric roaster, microwave oven, etc.
4. for Temperature measurement and control circuit in the equipment for industrial and agricultural, such as instrument and coils, automobile circuit, integrated circuit module, transistor amplifying circuit, quartz crystal oscillator and thermo-couple.
Thin film thermistor  kapton polyimide insulation, with two 0.008” x 0.020” tinned copper leads  that are 0.197” long, with an overall length of approximately 0.59”.with an overall length of approximately 0.98”. 100, 50kΩ,10,5 hin Film Thermistors are flexible, low profile, accurate and reliable temperature sensors tailored to your application. The thin film thermistors are encapsulated in flexible Kapton polyimide just 0.02 "thick. Thin film thermistors are accurate with available tolerances as tight as ± .1%
Benefits: The thin film thermistor probes are perfect for temperature monitoring in confined spaces such as battery packs, mobile devices, and wearable technology. Our thin film thermistors are 100% tested during sensor chip manufacturing and after final assembly to ensure quality and reliability in the field. YAXUN offers design services to help develop custom thin film thermistor assembly solutions for your thermal management requirements. We can reverse engineer an existing design or manufacture a new product for your application.
NTC Sensor for the biomedical market Custom probes, leads, terminal blocks 2252 ohm chip (at 25C) Over the past 10 years, NTC Sensor has supplied tens of millions of low-cost, high-reliability NTC (negative temperature coefficient) sensors for biomedical applications.
These NTC sensors require very tight curve tracking accuracy, typically +/- 0.2C or +/- 0.1C accuracy, in the range of 30C to 45C (86F to 113F). Even tighter tolerances can be supplied on request. Sensor resistance has also been shown to be very stable over long periods of time.
For example, the NTC sensor supplies 400 series temperature probes with the industry standard 2252 ohm chip (at 25 ° C). Such probes can be designed in multiple assemblies related to their application, such as for skin temperature measurement, respiratory monitoring, catheter applications, etc. Let us build the sensor and assembly you need.

Epoxy NTC temperature sensor Axial glass NTC resistance sensor Single-ended glass NTC temperature sensor
Epoxy NTC temperature sensor Axial glass NTC resistance sensor Single-ended glass NTC temperature sensor
Thin film NTC sensor NTC sensor for medical NTC sensor for battery temperature measurement
Thin film NTC sensor NTC sensor for medical NTC sensor for battery temperature measurement
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