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Yaxun washing machine temperature sensor successfully joined Haier

Temperature sensor is a household electrical appliance enterprises an indispensable part of the internal. Its function is to provide temperature sensing protection for electrical appliances, So that the electrical work to provide thermal protection. I produced the household appliances temperature sensor with perfect quality, Stable product performance. Let me succeed in becoming Haier Electric one of many suppliers.

Each drum washing machine will install a lot of sensors, Just like the temperature sensor is a temperature detection device. It can feel the information to be measured, But also the sensed information that can be detected, Is converted into an electrical signal. According to certain rules, Or other desired form of output information, To meet the information sent, processing, storage, display, Recording and control requirements. So the temperature sensor, also known as "power features" is the most important electronic detection components.

Drum washing machine temperature sensor, Comprising:  a stainless steel-made cylindrical shell, A cylindrical insulating frame case integrally formed with the contact case, Two ends of the wiring inserts fixed on the frame through a fixing bolt. In the shell cavity formed by the contact shell and the shell, A thermistor which is insulated and fixed on the inner wall of the bottom surface of the contact case. The resistor is a single temperature characteristics of the thermistor. The resistance leads to two wires are connected to the shelves on the two fixed bolt, The two fixed plugs are respectively connected to the two ends of the wiring inserts.
 Washing machine temperature sensor
Customer Testimonials:
Yaxun electronics production of household appliances temperature sensor with excellent workmanship, Energy-saving environmental protection and other advantages. Fast delivery cycle, Good service attitude. Let us truly feel that "the customer is God"   Yaxun Electronics is our home appliances manufacturers of choice.
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