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Temperature sensor applications _underground pipe gallery ambient temperature monitoring system

(A) underground pipe gallery Ambient Temperature Monitoring OverviewUnderground pipe is equipped with a variety of line signal line,Heat pipe, gas pipe, telecommunications pipes, water pipes, power pipelines, etc.,
Is a variety of signal and transmission objects intersect the place,In order to fully protect the environmental safety of the gallery,The need to monitor the internal environment temperature,To achieve real-time, Automatic monitoring of the underground corridor of the environmental security. Its importance is self-evident.
  (B) The functions of the environmental monitoring system of the underground corridor
   Mainly related to the temperature inside the tube gallery, gas leaks, fire insurance, harmful gases, water monitoring.

Through the corresponding configuration in the underground pipe and temperature sensors and alarm. And through the communication will monitor the signal from the material port leads to the ground, And through wireless communication (GPRS) transmission to the monitoring center, Through supporting the integrated management software for data analysis. Through the software for each measuring point of the geographical location, measured values or working conditions for continuous collection. Such as abnormal, The system will automatically generate the alarm (sound and light alarm, SMS alarm, mail alarm optional) The first time to notify the relevant personnel, Will be possible to eliminate the danger in the bud. To avoid causing large economic losses and affect the normal work of the culvert.
(C) underground piping temperature and environmental monitoring system measurement point instructions
As the gallery longer, Need to choose the appropriate distance to set the monitoring point,
1, the temperature data for a test point 200 meters (temperature sensor)
2, for the gas alarm will have to select the cloth for the realization of the distance to be greatly reduced (Or select a special area in which an alarm may occur)
3, for the water alarm is to select low-lying or easy to accumulate water area monitoring.
(D) underground pipe gallery temperature and environmental monitoring system
 (E) YX175A temperature alarm controller
Product Features: Products using high degree of protection, Suitable for underground tunnels and other environments more humid environment to use, Products using digital signals, Suitable for long-distance transmission.

Power supply: 24VDC; Temperature range (-20-60) ℃;
Humidity range: 0-100% RH;
Signal output: RS485;
Dimensions: 117 * 86 * 41mm;
Installation: wall-mounted; liquid crystal display (LCD);

When the temperature reaches the set temperature, The temperature sensor will change the signal, Transmission to the control center, real-time alarm.
(F) Summary of the environmental temperature monitoring system of the underground gallery
A set of practical value of the temperature monitoring system, Need to be closely integrated with the scene. Need from the actual needs, site conditions, Economic investment and many other aspects of the combination, To develop a comprehensive. The program from the conventional application of the temperature control system to do that, But the real application also need to do more detailed on the details. With the further understanding of the actual situation, System solutions will be done in the follow-up more perfect, Unspecified follow-up to do the adjustment.

underground pipe gallery ambient temperature monitoring system
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