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Haier home refrigerator selection Yaxun NTC temperature sensor

Refrigerator is commonly used in every household appliances. The refrigerator temperature control system to rely on NTC temperature sensor to complete, Cold box will use a lot of different NTC temperature sensor. So choose a good supplier is the refrigerator business more difficult thing,NTC temperature sensor directly affects the quality of the life of the refrigerator.
Haier refrigerator selected a total of six kinds of our company
One is the use of micro-computer-controlled refrigerator (with the kind of display), Generally more than two-door refrigerator. There are two sensors,Generally use the negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor as a thermal head, Respectively, installed in the freezer, The outlet of the evaporator of the refrigerating room.
The other is a non-microcomputer-controlled refrigerator, That is, mechanical thermostat control of the refrigerator. The kind of general double door only one NTC temperature sensor, Is in the adjustment of the temperature gear knob, Is the thermostat handle. In this thermostat there is a thin copper tube (diameter of about 2mm), This is the temperature sensor.Generally installed at the outlet of the evaporator of the refrigerating compartment.
In the refrigerator also includes the following parts will be equipped with a temperature sensor:
1, the indoor temperature of the first refrigerator, At the top of the box
2, the first refrigerator temperature, In the refrigeration side (some in the refrigerator next to the evaporator)
3, the temperature change box temperature refrigerator head,On the side of the thermostat
4, freezer temperature sensing head,In the freezer side
5, the refrigerator cold room heating pipe temperature(Room temperature is below 5 degrees when the heating tube heating, Protection of heating when the temperature is too high refrigerator combustion)

refrigerator temperature sensor
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