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DS18B20 performance and function description of different pins

DS18B20 performance
1, the unique single-wire interface mode, the DS18B20 only needs one port line when connecting with the microprocessor to realize the two-way communication between the microprocessor and the DS18B20.

2, temperature range -55 ° C ~ +125 ° C, inherent temperature error (note, not the resolution, here is wrong before) 1 ° C.
3, support multi-point networking function, multiple DS18B20 can be connected in parallel on the only three lines, up to 8 in parallel, to achieve multi-point temperature measurement, if the number is too much, the power supply voltage will be too low, resulting in signal transmission Unstable.
4, working power: 3.0 ~ 5.5V / DC (data line parasitic power supply)
5, does not require any external components in use
6, the measurement results are serially transmitted in 9~12 digits
7, stainless steel protection tube diameter Φ6
8, suitable for DN15~25, DN40~DN250 various medium industrial pipes and small space equipment temperature measurement
9, standard mounting thread M10X1, M12X1.5, G1/2" optional
10, PVC cable direct outlet or German ball junction box outlet, easy to connect with other electrical equipment.

DS18B20 pin diagram and function
The internal structure of the DS18B20 is mainly composed of four parts: 64-bit lithography ROM, temperature sensor, non-volatile temperature alarm triggers TH and TL, configuration registers.
1, GND is the power ground
2, DQ is the digital signal input / output
3. VDD is the input terminal of the external power supply (grounded in the parasitic power connection mode).

DS18B20 sensor probes of different size package
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