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Capacitive Oil Level Sensor

Product Item: Capacitive Oil Level Sensor
Category: Water Temperature Sensor
Capacitive oil level sensor, is a railway locomotive, car fuel tank, tankers, oil depots and other oil levels of accurate measurement and tailor-made specialized instrument.

Capacitive oil level sensor, is a railway locomotive, car fuel tank, tankers, oil depots and other oil levels of accurate measurement and tailor-made specialized instrument.

working principle:
Capacitive oil level sensor is the principle of the use of positive and negative electrodes filled with liquid medium formed by the capacitance with a linear change in the liquid level, The amount of change in capacitance (that is, the level of change) into a standard electrical signal output. Product core components using a highly integrated special capacitance measurement chip, after accurate temperature compensation and linear correction, with high precision, high stability and continuous measurement, etc., Has a strong independence.

Independence: directly through the measurement of fuel tank fuel to obtain fuel consumption, not on the oil system / pipeline caused any effect and impact.
Convenience: can be fixed by means of flanges, easy to operate.
Unique: With the range from the truncation function, the user can re-calibration through the button, the digital output can also be equipped with debugging software.
Self-tuning: the sensor can be based on different tank size, the scene to adjust the range and the implementation of the installation; sensor to increase the temperature compensation function, automatically correct due to the different temperature error.
Safety: direct replacement of the original car fuel gauge, no need to re-install the tank in the tank capacitance sensor, electronic cabin with explosion-proof design and through the explosion-proof certification.
Stability: no mechanical activities, mature and stable circuit structure and high quality components will make the sensor for several years without the need for replacement.

Electronic characteristics:
The core components of the product using advanced RF capacitor detection circuit, after 16-bit microcontroller precision temperature compensation and linear correction, into a standard electrical signal (usually 4 ~ 20mA). Optional HART, CANBUS, 485 communication protocol for system configuration. a full range of transmitters are self-calibrating, the user can calibrate the "zero point" and "range" with two keys or two leads to suit the different requirements of various complex locations.

Capacitive oil level sensor

1: Detection range: 0.05 ~ 5m
2: Accuracy: 0.1,0.2,0.5 level
3: pressure range: -0.1MPa ~ 32MPa
4: probe temperature: -50 ~ 250 ℃
5: output signal: 4 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA superimposed HART communication, 485 communication, CAN bus communication
6: supply voltage: 12 ~ 28VDC
7: fixed way: thread installation M20X1.5 \ M27X2, M18X1.5 \ M16X1, flange installation DN25, DN40, DN50. Special specifications can be customized
8: Probe diameter: 12mm, 16mm, 25mm
9: Explosion-proof grade: intrinsically safe Exia || C T6 Explosion-proof Exd || C T5
10: Protection class: IP65
11: Intrinsically safe: Ui: 28VDC, Li: 93mA, Pi: 0.65W, Ci: 0.042uf, L: 0mH

Range: 410mm-550mm; Output resistance: 10-180 Europe
Operating voltage: 5V-24V
Maximum operating current: 100mA
Operating temperature: -40-85 degrees
Level measurement response time: no more than 1S
Life: 3 years or 100,000 km
Provide outer float and inner float
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