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The working principle of the air conditioning temperature sensor 10K temperature sensor

The air conditioner temperature probe is an air conditioner temperature sensor, also called a 10K temperature sensor. The change of ambient temperature will change the volume of NTC medium in the probe. So as to change the size of its own resistance. Then the resistance value is transmitted to the CPU of the computer motherboard in the form of DC voltage, so that the computer board can judge the ambient temperature according to the value of the DC voltage. Achieve the ability to open or close each relay on the main board. Finally controlled the operation of the entire air conditioner.

The temperature sensor is a thermistor with a negative temperature coefficient. When the temperature increases, the resistance value of the resistance decreases; when the temperature decreases, the resistance value of the resistance increases. With the change of resistance in the circuit, the voltage changes, thereby generating different voltage signals to complete the automatic operation of the control system.

Our company's TS series of copper shell NTC temperature sensor is welded with high-precision and high-sensitivity NTC thermistor and black PVC wire. It is packaged into a straight copper tube shape with insulating, heat-conducting, and waterproof material, which is convenient for installation and temperature control. It can be packaged according to the use and installation conditions, and various parameters and sizes can be customized.

Temperature vs Resistance Conversion Chart for 10k Thermistors

10K Precision Epoxy Thermistor

NTC Thermistor 10K Temperature Sensor Probe Waterproof 3950

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