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Sensor Probe for Measuring Food Temperature

The sensor probe for food temperature measurement is made in China.

Food temperature sensor components: Thermistor, Platinum RTD Pt100, Thermocouples. Stainless steel probe and connector. Metal Temperature Probe for Pit Boss GMG and Most Wood Pellet Grills, 3.5mm Plug Grill Meat Probe

Style: Embedded
Maximum measuring temperature: 100 ° C - 119 ° C
Temperature sensor sensor length: 25.4 cm;
Thanks to the high-quality long probe made of food-safe stainless steel, this cooking thermometer is so safe that your hands do not get scalded and the core temperature of the meat is recognized. Ideal for giant turkey, grill, BBQ, steak, sweets, milk and bath water.

Digital probe type folding barbecue thermometer BBQ Meat Thermometer Custom giant turkey temperature probe
Digital probe type folding barbecue thermometer BBQ Meat Thermometer Customized thermometers for baking, milk, and coffee

The temperature sensor for the food industry stands out for its robust stainless steel or Teflon construction. The food industry temperature sensor is available in different lengths, which is a great help for health inspectors. Thanks to its sharp point, health inspectors can penetrate the temperature sensor in frozen foods to determine the core temperature accurately. The Heavy-Duty version with stainless steel handle and spring-type cable protection sleeve enables the food industry temperature sensor to measure temperatures from -50 to +280 ° C accurately. This is especially practical in the food cooking or roasting sector. The food grade temperature sensor cable is silicone or Teflon.

The stainless steel bayonet style thermometer can accurately measure temperature if you think relatively of deep foods like roast beef and stock pots. However, this instrument does not accurately measure the temperature of foods less than 2 inches thick. The thermistor and thermocouple described below do not have these limitations. Recent outbreaks of foodborne illness associated with improper cooking of eggs and hamburgers have shown that it is very important to be able to accurately determine the temperatures associated with these products as well.

Thermistor: This device uses the temperature sensitivity of a semiconductor junction as a sensor. The advantages are high performance and fast response at a very low cost. Disadvantages include non-linearity and a limited upper temperature range, typically 300 ° C. The accuracy and response time of a thermistor lend itself well to measuring food temperatures.

The Pt100 sensor is 3-wire. This allows the food industry temperature sensor to be connected to any handheld meter that supports Pt100 sensors.

PT100 food probe
Performance - Thermocouples, Thermistors, and Infrared Thermometers: The main types of applicable sensors for thermocouples and thermistors have a suitable temperature range for the management of food products. Also, the response time is more than adequate for all these sensors.

The sensors used to measure the temperature of food must be wrapped in a metal sleeve. Unfortunately, the downside to a holster is that it increases response time. As the thickness and length of the probe increases, the response time increases dramatically. A food probe with a maximum diameter of 4mm is the best compromise. The smaller diameters show similar response times for a wide variety of probe materials, including stainless steel. A usable response time for food measurement should be less than 6 seconds. Thicker 4mm probes should have a response time of 8-10 seconds. The TC of any sensor is defined as the time it takes for that sensor to respond to 63.2% of its total output signal when subjected to sudden changes, for example, rapid immersion in a stirred hot oil bath. Step changes can be an increase or a crease in the parameter being measured. Five constants are required for a sensor to achieve 99% of its total change.
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