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Thin Film NTC Thermistor Manufacturers

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What Is A Thin Film Thermistor
Thin film thermistor is the smallest size of the thermistor, the use of polyimide film packaging thermistor chip and phosphor bronze bracket welding, belonging to the field of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). Mainly used for a variety of temperature and environmental measurements; Thin film type thermistor is mainly used for communication, electronic equipment, medical equipment, switching power supply, cell phone battery protection board, computer motherboard CPU protection, electronic gifts, calendar, office equipment, thermometer display.

Production Process And Structure
First deposited a layer of sacrificial layer on the silicon; The PI prepolymer was spin-coated thereon, forming a PI film by heat curing; And then spin-coating photoresist, photolithography after the sputtering of the required metal thermal film layer; the thermal film layer was obtained by stripping method. And then spin-coated photoresist, photolithography after plating to form an electrical connection metal layer; after stripping, the thermistor can be heat treated; Finally, a layer of polystyrene protective layer, remove the sacrificial layer to obtain a flexible film resistive array.
Production process is simple, thermistor connection is more reliable, the wire resistance of the interference is also smaller, making it as a sensor-sensitive components when the measurement accuracy greatly improved, and can be used to protect the sensitivity of the sensor conditions, applied to a variety of electrical appliances.
Insulation film packaging, thermal induction speed, high sensitivity;
Insulation good value of high precision, the use of security;
Small size, light weight, strong structure;
Facilitating automated installation;
Customized according to customer drawings;
High precision of resistance; good insulation;
High stability in humid environment;
Variety of diverse specifications, diverse shapes;
Operating temperature: -40 ~ 125 ℃ (200 ℃)

Technical Parameters
• Rated zero power resistance (R25): 10KΩ ~ 100KΩ;
• R25 allowable deviation: ± 1%; ± 2%; ± 3%; ± 5%;
• B value range (B25 / 50): 3380K; 3950K;
• B tolerance: ± 0.5%; ± 1%; ± 2%;
• Dissipation factor: 0.7mW / ° C (in still air);
• Thermal time constant: ≤ 5S (in still air);
• Operating temperature range: -30 to + 125 ° C
• Rated power: <3.5mW

Model Description
Thin film thermistor parameters;.
① MF55 insulating film type thermistor
② resistance: 103 ... ... 10KΩ
③ F: ± 1%; G: ± 2%; H: ± 3%; J: ± 5%;
④ B value: 3380K; 3950K
⑤A = B25 / 50, B = B25 / 85, specify the two-point temperature B value

Structure and sizeThin film type thermistor structure
① polyimide film
② chip
③ phosphorus copper frame
④ size 4.5X25mm, 4.5X50mm, 4.5X75mm

Parameter standard:

Model Nominal resistance value B value Operating temperature
R25 (KΩ) Accuracy (25/50℃) (25/85℃) Accuracy (℃)
MF55□502□3270A 5 ±1%
3270   ±1%
MF55□502□3470A 5 3470  
MF55□103□3380A 10 3380  
MF55□103□3435B 10   3435
MF55□103□3470B 10   3470
MF55□103□3950A 10 3950  
MF55□103□3975B 10   3975
MF55□203□3950A 20 3950  
MF55□303□3950A 30 3950  
MF55□473□3950A 47 3950  
MF55□503□3950A 50 3950  
MF55□104□3950A 100 3950  

Product should be examples _ copier temperature sensor
We all know that there are a variety of sensors in the printer and copier, these sensors are in their duties. In the printer and copier to play an important role. Because thin film thermistor small size, high precision, widely used in copiers. Such as the temperature sensor of the fixing roller, the printer temperature sensor.
  With the improvement of modern office automation, the printer has become an indispensable role in various workplace, and the degree of intelligence is also getting higher and higher. It is well known that more than 90 percent of the products used in office automation have been occupied by Japanese brands. Especially in the printer, the printer in the sensor accessories. Whether at home or on the industry's international technology leaders have been swept Japan, many large enterprises at home and abroad in order to be able to get involved in this industry and do a lot of research work, but the effect is not reach the ideal state. In Ya Xun, through years of research, relying on their own advanced semiconductor process with independent intellectual property rights NTC thermistor sensitive materials and process technology, successfully developed with the Japanese brand comparable to the printer film NTC temperature sensor.

Please check the copier temperature sensor production method

From resistance chips to production
At the same time, Ya Xun also focus on electronic components small batch manufacturing, fully automated processing and production methods, making the number of products can reach more than 100,000 per day. Our service can accompany you from the thermistor chip sintering stage, to small batch manufacturing until the final mass production. When you discuss with the Ya Xun engineers chip manufacturing, but also free of charge for large quantities of products offer, so you can realize that through cooperation with us, so you save a lot of.


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