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Resistive sensor classification

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Resistive sensor classification
The displacement, force, pressure, acceleration, torque and other non-electric physical quantity,Converted to a change in the resistance of the sensor.Mainly resistance strain type, piezoresistive, thermal resistance, thermal, gas sensitive, humidity sensitive and other resistive sensing devices.
Resistive sensor according to its working principle can be divided into:Resistance strain type; potentiometer type;Thermal resistanceSemiconductor thermal resistance sensors and so on.

The resistance strain gauge in the sensor has a strain effect of the metal,That is, under the action of external mechanical deformation,So that the resistance value changes accordingly.Resistance strain gauges are mainly metal and semiconductor two categories,Metal strain gauge with wire, foil, thin film of the points.Semiconductor strain gauges have the advantages of high sensitivity (usually silk, foil several times), lateral effects and so on.

Piezoresistive sensor is based on the piezoresistive effect of semiconductor materials,On the substrate of the semiconductor material,A device made by diffusion resistance.Its substrate can be directly used as a measurement sensor,The diffusion resistance is in the form of a bridge in the substrate.When the substrate is deformed by an external force,The resistance value will change,The bridge will produce a corresponding unbalanced output.The substrate (or diaphragm) used as a piezoresistive sensor is mainly silicon and germanium,Silicon wafer for the sensitive material made of silicon piezoresistive sensor more and more people's attention,Especially in the measurement of pressure and speed of solid-state piezoresistive sensor applications is most common.
Resistive sensor

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