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Resolution of the sensor

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2017-06-10 17:08

Resolution of the sensor

The sensor resolution is negatively correlated with the stability of the sensor.
Resolution refers to the ability of the sensor to feel the smallest change being measured.Because the amount of change is infinite,There are infinite bits behind the decimal point,But the sensor measures the output,And can not be measured to distinguish the infinite change in the amount of change,The smallest unit that can be resolved is the resolution.
In other words,If the input quantity changes slowly from a nonzero value.When changes in the input value does not exceed a certain value,The output of the sensor will not change,I.e. the sensor can not distinguish between a change in input.Only when the input amount changes more than the resolution,Its output will change.
Usually the sensor is in full scale range,Resolution is not the same in each point,Therefore, the maximum value of the input in the full-scale input that can cause the step change is used as an index to measure the resolution.If the above indicators are expressed as a percentage of full scale,It is called resolution.

Ntc sensor resolution

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