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The difference between PPTC resettable fuse & current fuse & Ceramic PTC & overload protection

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2017-05-27 17:50

The difference between PPTC resettable fuse & current fuse & Ceramic PTC & overload protection
PPTC resettable fuse & Current Fuse & Ceramic PTC & Overload Protector is an overcurrent protector.Because the use of different materials, the function is also very different.
1) polymer PTC reset fuse and the most obvious difference between the general fuse is its recoverable characteristics,Although both can provide overcurrent protection,But the polymer PTC resettable fuse can provide a lot of overcurrent protection,Once ordinary fuse blows,Must be replaced to make the circuit work properly.
2) Polymer PTC self-resetting fuse and overload protection is not the difference between the self-refraction,When the fault persists, the overload protector can also be reset.Action to produce a larger voltage, may damage the equipment failure will be re-connected.Polymer PTC resettable fuse will remain in a high resistance state until the fault is rectified.
3) Polymer PTC resettable fuse the ceramic self-resettable fuse is that the difference between their initial resistance,The response time to the failure and the size,Both are considered recoverable type,However, compared with a ceramic self-resetting fuse having the same holding current,Since the polymer resettable fuse smaller, faster operation thereof.

The main advantages of organic PTC are:At room temperature zero power resistance can be made relatively small,Suitable for series in the current of the larger power circuit for over-current protection,Temperature fuse with,Resistance mutation speed, heat capacity is small, recovery time is short.
But one of the biggest drawbacks is:By the organic polymer material and structure of the decision,After each time after the impact of the flow,Resistance becomes larger, can not be restored to the original value,And when the high-voltage high-current pulse impact,Outsourcing is easy to burst.

The main advantages of ceramic PTC are easier to manufacture,Relatively cheap,No action current can be made relatively small,Several tens to several thousand Ω range of the best operating characteristics,Suitable for small current overcurrent protection,And after several current shocks,Resistance change little,Recoverability and long-term stability,The impact of large current impulse resistance is also better.But its shortcomings are high temperature overheating prone to negative resistance effect.

PPTC resettable fuse & Ceramic PTC

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