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Raychem Polyswitch Resettable Fuses

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2018-01-31 13:42

RAYCHEM PolySwitch Resettable Fuses - Mouser Electronics
RAYCHEM PolySwitch Resettable Fuses - Mouser Electronics
 RAYCHEM PolySwitch Resettable Fuses. Raychem's PolySwitch Strap Battery Resettable device offers overcurrent protection for rechargeable batteries at elevated temperatures. Made with weldable nickel terminals, and is fully compatible with current industry standards. RAYCHEM LTP SERIES.

40A 30V PTC PolySwitch Resettable Fuse Raychem RUE090-1
Manufacturer: Raychem Part Number: RUE090-1 Amps: 40 Voltage: 30 Watts: .6 Ohms: .22 Mounting: Through Hole Lead/Terminal Type: Radial Number Leads/Terminals: 2 Color: Mustard Temperature: 85 Obsolete: Yes Termination Method: Solder.

Raychem MiniSMD050-2 Polyswitch Resettable Fuse
Raychem MiniSMD050-2 Polyswitch Resettable Fuse
This Lot (Qty.25) is New Raychem Polyswitch SMD Resettable Fuse, Part Number: MiniSMD050-2. The device allow the circuit to open when exceed certain current in order to protect the circuit. It will reset to normal when current is normal. |

RUEF250 - RAYCHEM - TE CONNECTIVITY - PPTC Resettable Fuse ...
Buy RUEF250 - RAYCHEM - TE CONNECTIVITY - PPTC Resettable Fuse, Through Hole, PolySwitch RUEF Series, 2.5 A, 5 A, 30 VDC, -40 °C at element14. order RUEF250 now! great prices with fast delivery on RAYCHEM - TE CONNECTIVITY products.

PolySwitch LVR/LVRL Line Voltage Rated Devices
PolySwitch LVR/LVRL Line Voltage Rated Devices
Unlike single-use fuses, PolySwitch devices do not require replacement after a fault event. After power has been removed ... The PolySwitch LVR devices' resettable functionality and latching attributes make them a reliable, cost-effective circuit protection solu- tion for both ..... Raychem, PolySwitch, and Tyco are trademarks.

PolySwitch Resettable Devices, Telecom Fuses, SiBar ... - Bitsavers
This Databook is intended to present application, product, and technical data to assist the user in selecting Raychem Circuit Protection devices, including PolySwitch resettable devices, SiBar thyristor surge protectors, Telecom Fuses, and ROV Devices. However, users should independ- ently evaluate the suitability of, and ...

Raychem RXEF020 0.2A Polyswitch Fuse - Home Garden Shops
Raychem RXEF020 0.2A Polyswitch Fuse - Home Garden Shops
Raychem Polyswitch Resettable Fuses - Raychem RXEF020, The Raychem Polyswitch is a resettable device that performs like a fuse under overcurrent conditions, but is unique in that it will reset. As soon as an overcurrent condition is reached the Polyswitch heats up to its trip temperature. Raychem RXEF020 0.2A ...

PolySwitch RXE Series Resettable Fuses Now Rated at 72V for ...
Tyco Electronics Corporation announces that its popular RXE line of PolySwitch© resettable fuses has been re-rated from 60V to 72V. The PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient) devices, available in a range of hold currents from 200mA to 3.75A, now provide 72V maximum input protection in accordance with ...

temperature sensor
Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensing is a different sensing resistor chip package inside the probe, commonly used temperature sensitive components are: thermocouple, platinum resistance, thermistor and so on. Temperature sensing customers in the design and styling, we need to select sensitive chip used, the probe dimensions and material, type and temperature of the wire. After the chip welding wire, After the probe is filled and encapsulated, a complete sensor device is formed, and the production process takes several hours. My products through: SJ 20722-1998, GJB 7396-2011, GJB 2433A-2011, ISO / TS16949: 2009 certification. ......Including: ntc temperature sensor, ptc temperature sensor, Pt100 temperature sensor, water temperature sensor, car sensor, ds18b20 sensor.

Thermistors are a class of sensitive components, divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) according to temperature coefficient. Typical characteristics of the thermistor are temperature sensitive and exhibit different resistance values at different temperatures. Our thermistors accord: JB / T9476-1999, JB / T 9474-1999 standard ...... include: ntc, ptc, SMD thermistors, thermistor power type, resettable fuse, Motor protection thermistor, etc.

Varistors are resistor device having a nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, mainly used for over-voltage clamping circuit when subjected to pressure, the excess current sink to protect sensitive devices. The main material is the metal oxide (MOV, Metal Oxide Varistor), which contains ceramic particles consisting of zinc oxide particles and a small amount of other metal oxides or polymer spacings. Varistor referred to as VDR, varistor called "surge absorber", sometimes referred to as "surge suppressor. Now widely used "zinc oxide" (ZnO) varistor, its main material has divalent elements zinc (Zn) and hexavalent elemental oxygen (O) formed.

resettable fuse
Resettable fuse
Resettable fuse is an over-current electronic protection components, can replace the ordinary current fuse. Traditional fuse over-current protection, can only be protected once, burned to be replaced, while the Resettable fuse with overcurrent / overheat protection, automatic recovery dual function. Polymer polymer PPTC and ceramic CPTC two kinds of Resettable fuse two, according to the package can be divided into two types, lead plug-in and SMD two. Can also be divided according to the voltage 600V, 250V, 130V, 120V, 72V, 60V, 30V, 24V, 16V, 6V and so on. ..... Product Certification: CCC, CQC, ce, UL, ROHS, TUV, VDE, RU, pse, FCC, IEC and CB ...

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