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Sensitive resistance classification

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Sensitive resistance classification
Sensitive resistance refers to the temperature, voltage, humidity, light, gas, magnetic field, pressure, etc., the induction resistor  The sign of the sensitive resistor is to add a slash to the sign of the ordinary resistor,And in the side marked the type of sensitive resistance, such as: t. V.
1, varistor
Mainly silicon carbide and zinc oxide varistor,Zinc oxide has more excellent properties.

2, humidity resistance
By the moisture layer, electrodes, insulators, humidity resistors, including lithium chloride humidity resistance,Carbon humidity resistance,Oxide humidity resistance.Lithium chloride humidity resistance increases with the humidity and resistance decreases,Disadvantages for the test range is small,Characteristic repeatability is not good,Affected by temperature.Carbon humidity resistance shortcomings for low temperature sensitivity is low,Resistance is affected by temperature,By the aging characteristics, less use.Oxide humidity resistance performance is superior,Can be long-term use, the temperature effect is small,Resistance is linearly related to humidity.There are tin oxide, nickel ferrite, and other materials.

3, photosensitive resistors
Photoresistor is the electrical conductivity with the amount of light force changes in the electronic components,When a substance is illuminated,The concentration of carriers increases to increase the conductivity,This is the photoconductive effect.

4, gas resistance
The use of certain semiconductors to absorb a gas after the occurrence of redox reaction,The main components are metal oxides,The main varieties are: metal oxide gas resistance,Composite oxide gas resistance,Ceramic gas resistance and so on.

5, force sensitive resistance
Force-sensitive resistance is a resistance with the pressure changes and changes in resistance,Foreign called piezoelectric resistors.The so-called pressure resistance effect is the effect of the change in the resistivity of the semiconductor material with the change of the mechanical stress.Can be made into a variety of moment meter,Semiconductor microphone,Pressure sensors and so on.The main varieties are silicon-sensitive resistors,Selenium tellurium alloy force sensitive resistors,Relatively speaking,Alloy resistors have higher sensitivity.

6, thermistor
Thermistors are a class of sensitive components,Its resistance value will change with the temperature showed a step change,Has a semiconductor characteristic.Thermistors in accordance with the different temperature coefficient is divided into:
  Positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC thermistor)
  Negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC thermistor)

Sensitive resistance

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