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China (Shanghai) International Temperature Control Technology Equipment Exhibition _ Yaxun temperature sensor exhibitors

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China (Shanghai) International Temperature Control Technology Equipment Exhibition

Time: April 12, 2017
Location: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
  CITCE 2017 professional, authoritative, covering the entire temperature control series of international events
Yaxun Electronics is looking forward to meeting you at CITCE 2017! Official website: http://www.ntcsensors.com/
I display the company's products are: temperature sensor, thermostat, temperature fuse, etc., will showcase a full range of temperature control technology products. Welcome friends visit booth.
Sponsor: China Electrotechnical Society Electric Engineering Committee

     Hanmu Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

    China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Electric Furnace and Industrial Furnace Branch

Sponsor: Hanmu Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

█ Exhibits:
※ heat categories: fan coil, fresh air units, heaters, radiators, heat dissipation materials;

※ cooling class: negative pressure fan, curtain, environmental air conditioning, water and air conditioning, water supply device, fan coil, fresh air unit, refrigeration equipment;

※ temperature control system: high and low temperature environment test chamber, noise test temperature control, alternating test temperature control, test temperature control system;

※ temperature control device: heat exchanger temperature, heat exchanger unit, temperature control machine, hot plate temperature control devices, temperature control devices;

※ temperature control instruments: temperature controller, temperature control table, temperature control instruments, temperature sensors, temperature and humidity instruments, temperature and humidity control instruments;

※ thermostat: sudden jump thermostat, liquid up thermostat, pressure thermostat, electronic thermostat, digital thermostat;

※ heating categories: energy-saving boilers, gas boilers, biomass boilers, hot water boilers, hot stoves, oil heaters, water heaters, electric stoves and other industrial furnaces;
Technology Introduction:<What is the NTC temperature sensor>

Yaxun temperature sensor exhibitors

Keywords:Yaxun temperature sensor

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