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What is resettable fuse?

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What is resettable fuse?
Positive temperature coefficient thermistor is resettable fuse,Is a temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistance,Resettable fuse is an over-current electronic protection components,Organic macromolecule polymer at a high pressure, high temperature, vulcanization reaction conditions,After adding a conductive particle material,After a special process from processing.Traditional fuse overcurrent protection,Can only be protected once,Burned to be replaced,The resettable fuse has overcurrent overheat protection,Automatic recovery of dual functions.On accustomed to PPTC (Polymer PositiveTemperature Coefficient), also known as resettable fuse.

Once more than a certain temperature (Curie temperature)Its resistance value increases with the temperature is almost step by step increase,PTC resettable fuse body temperature changes,Can be obtained by the current flowing through the PTC resettable fuse,Can also be imported by the outside world or the superposition of the two to get.Ceramic materials are often used as excellent insulators for high resistance,The ceramic PTC thermistor is based on barium titanate,Doped with other polycrystalline ceramic materials,With low resistance and semiconducting characteristics.Through the purpose of doping a high chemical material as a crystal lattice element to achieve,A portion of the barium ion or titanate ion in the lattice is replaced by a higher valence ion,Thereby obtaining a certain number of free electrons that generate electrical conductivity. 
resettable fuse

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