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Thermistor test standard

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Thermistor test standard

According to the thermistor standard and the "People's Republic of China Standardization Law"Ya Xun electronic special development of the inspection standards,As IQC parts incoming inspection and identification of parts engineering, and organization of production and sales basis.
The format and structure of this standard meet the GB / T 1.1-2000 and GB / T 1.2-2002 standard requirements.

This standard specifies the thermistor material classification,Use environmental requirements,Product labeling requirements,Body appearance requirements,Packaging and storage requirements,Flame retardant requirements,Testing equipment requirements,Detection rules,Parts routine inspection,Reliability experiment.

Item Particular Mark Char. Unit Tol  
Resistance(Rs) R  25℃(  in liquid ) R 25 10.000 ±5.0%  
Resistance(re.) R  85℃(  in liquid ) R85 1.072 ±7.1%  
B Constant B value between t1 and t2 ℃ B25/85 3975 K ±1.0%  
Bt1-t2 =  Ln(Rt1/Rt2) / [ 1/(t1+273.15)-(1/t2+273.15)]  
Thermal time constant.  to change into 63.2% of temp. range: 0-> 25℃
( in stirred oil)
τ 2 sec approx.  
Dissipation constant  in still air δ 3.2 ㎽/K Max.  
Operating Temp range Normal use temperature range -40~125
The maximum power rating  in still air 83mW  
  Insulation  resistance 500VDC. in air 100MΩ  Min  
The maximum current rating  in still air 3.9mA  
The maximum operating  current

 in still air,The current for the resistance

change not to 2%  by self heating


Thermistor test standard

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