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Sensitivity of the sensor

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Sensitivity of the sensor

The sensor sensitivity is defined as the ratio of the output increment to the input increment.Sensitivity is an important indicator of sensor performance.
Sensitivity is the ratio of the output change Δ y to the input change Δx in the steady state operation.

It is the slope of the output of an input characteristic curve.If there is a linear relationship between the output and the input of the sensor,Then the sensitivity S is a constant.Otherwise, it will change with the amount of input changes.The dimension of the sensitivity is the ratio of the output, the dimension of the input.For example, a displacement sensor,When the displacement changes by 1mm,The output voltage changes to 200mV,Its sensitivity should be expressed as 200mV / mm.

When the output of the sensor, the input amount of the same amount,Sensitivity can be understood as a magnification.Improve sensitivity,Can get a higher measurement accuracy.But the higher the sensitivity,The narrower the measurement range,Stability is often worse.

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