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    [Trade news]Varistor Test Flow[ 2017-09-07 ]
    varistor is an overvoltage protection element, must go through a variety of parameters test...
    [Trade news]Thin Film NTC Thermistor Manufacturers[ 2017-09-07 ]
    What Is A Thin Film Thermistor Thin film thermistor is the smallest size of the thermistor, the use of polyimide film packaging thermistor chip and phosphor bronze bracket welding, belonging to the field of micro-electrom...
    [Common problem]What is resettable fuse?[ 2017-06-14 ]
    Positive temperature coefficient thermistor is resettable fuse,Is a temperature-sensitive semiconductor resistance,Resettable fuse is an over-current electronic protection components...
    [Common problem]Thermistor test standard[ 2017-06-14 ]
    This standard specifies the thermistor material classification,Use environmental requirements,Product labeling requirements,Body appearance requirements...
    [Common problem]Analysis of Thermal Resistance Sensors[ 2017-06-13 ]
    Analysis of Thermal Resistance Sensors Thermal resistance sensor is the use of conductor resistance with temperature changes in the characteristics, Sensors for temperature and humidity related parameters are tested. Ther...
    [Trade news]Resistive sensor classification[ 2017-06-11 ]
    The displacement, force, pressure, acceleration, torque and other non-electric physical quantity,Converted to a change in the resistance of the sensor.Mainly resistance strain type...
    [Trade news]Resolution of the sensor[ 2017-06-10 ]
    Resolution of the sensor The sensor resolution is negatively correlated with the stability of the sensor. Resolution refers to the ability of the sensor to feel the smallest change being measured. Because the amount of ch...
    [Common problem]Sensitivity of the sensor[ 2017-06-09 ]
    The sensor sensitivity is defined as the ratio of the output increment to the input increment.Sensitivity is an important indicator of sensor performance....
    [Trade news]Sensor linearity[ 2017-06-08 ]
    Sensor linearity concept:The output of the test system is a measure of whether the input system can maintain a normal value proportional relationship (linear relationship) like the ideal system....
    [Company news]Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Thermal Sensors[ 2017-06-07 ]
    The static characteristics of the thermal sensor refer to the static input signal...
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