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Temperature Sensor

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Temperature Sensor

At Ya Xun, we specialize in high-quality custom temperature sensor. Temperature sensor is the electronics industry's most common temperature sensing parts, especially when making larger quantities. We provide custom molding for 50 to 100,000+ sensing probe as well as a wide range of other manufacturing and finishing services to complete your project. Contact our international temperature sensor team for a free quote and to talk about your next temperature sensing project.

Temperature Sensor

What Is Temperature Sensor?

The temperature sensor is a different sensing resistor chip package inside the probe, commonly used temperature sensitive components are: thermocouple, platinum resistance, thermistor and so on. customers in the temperature sensing design and selection,, need to first select the use of sensitive chips, probe size and material, wire type and temperature standard, after the chip welding wire, the probe inside the filling and packaging process, to form a complete sensor device.the production process takes several hours to dry.
What Is Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor AdvantageInjection temperature sensor

At Ya Xun, small batch production temperature sensor, very suitable for your product development needs.The following are some of the advantages of the sensor:
1. Good stability, good linearity.
2. High precision.
3. Low prices.
4. Temperature control range from -200 ℃ to 150 ℃, -50 ℃ to 850 ℃.
5. Temperature test convenience:can be carried out test furnace, oil tank, sink, low temperature thermostat bath temperature test.
6. Automatically save the test results, and can not be manually changed,
7. Thermocouple, thermal resistance all historical verification data, temperature control curve query statistics and measurement intelligent management functions.
8. Applicable to all kinds of instruments, such as power plants, trains, aircraft, automobiles, medical, industrial furnace temperature measurement.

Thermistor Temperature SensorThermistor Temperature Sensor

Our thermistor temperature sensor has many kinds, the more common thermistors are NTC and PTC. Their common features are: The resistance varies with temperature and can be converted into usable output signals.Linear temperature variation is parabolic.

Features: temperature range of small -50 to 300 ℃ or so, small size, fast response time, low price, widely used in a variety of home appliances, our injection molding equipment can be a one-time molding, very convenient for your products and parts mass production.

Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor (RTD)Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Our platinum resistance temperature sensor PT100, PT000 stability is good, linear good (approximate straight line), the error is small. our production process is very rich, Involving a variety of modern processing technology. originated in the semiconductor and microelectronics technology to lithography, thin film deposition and other micro-processing technology, making platinum wire around the ceramic skeleton, glass skeleton, mica skeleton. Lower the cost, provide favorable conditions for your high-volume production.

Temperature Sensor Probe Shell Manufacturing ProcessTemperature sensor stainless steel housing

Temperature sensor probe is the most important component of the sensor, it determines the product installation, and temperature measurement results. the customer must first provide 3D CAD files for the design. we use the specialized software to divide the drawing file into multiple cross sections, for best results, our engineers must check your CAD drawing documents in advance, take the initiative to communicate with customers, provide our professional product development experience, and optimize the product structure if necessary.

At Ya Xun, I use a simple design concept, optimize product design, in order to facilitate the customer to install, reduce product costs. Post-market development, to provide technical guidance to customers.

Temperature Sensor Wires And Connectors

Wires and connectors are an important part of the temperature sensor, is my company outside the procurement of the main materials, my company developed a strict external zero procurement standards: Please refer to my company's temperature sensor wire and connector standards

the customer's request is to buy accessories standards, according to the technical department to develop raw materials technical standards, product drawings. purchase on a qualified supplier list. Non-standard parts in the original equipment suppliers procurement, standard accessories procurement in accordance with international and national standards.

Temperature sensor wires and connectors

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