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Indoor Temperature Sensor

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By detecting the cab temperature changes, feedback to the automatic air conditioning system, the deployment of air conditioning temperature
Products with a special structural design, can quickly and accurately measure the current indoor temperature

The thermistor is fixed to the pin holder, and the pin holder is mounted on the housing to form a whole. The indoor temperature sensor of the automobile air conditioning system of the utility model adopts the integrated structure, and its small size, Thermistor can quickly from the car into the air inlet to detect the indoor temperature and timely transmission to the ECU, The ECU compares the feedback temperature signal with the temperature signal fed back by the external temperature sensor, If the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, Automatically increase the amount of cooling air, If the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, Automatically increase the amount of heating air, Automatic control of air-conditioned passenger compartment, such as the end of a more comfortable environment in the human body temperature.

The indoor temperature sensor can feel the measured information, And can feel the information, according to certain laws into electrical signals or other forms of information output, To meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements.
Indoor temperature sensor features include: miniaturization, digital, intelligent, multi-functional, systematic, network. It is to achieve automatic detection and automatic control of the primary link.The existence and development of sensors, so that objects have a touch, Taste and smell and other senses, Let the object slowly become alive.
Indoor Temperature Sensor

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