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Gas pressure and temperature sensor

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Product Introduction


Mounted on the LNG / CNG rail for measuring gas pressure and temperature in the air rail
Pressure range up to 2.0MPa, the pressure signal output using linear voltage
The sensor is specially treated, safe and reliable

Using MEMS and application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology designed and manufactured. It is particularly suitable for use in harsh car environments.
The intake manifold gas pressure / temperature sensor provides two independent outputs according to the air / fuel optimum ratio:
A voltage output is proportional to the engine intake manifold pressure
A resistor output is proportional to the manifold gas temperature
The Model 621 sensor can be used in harsh environments such as high and low temperature, vibration, thermal shock and mechanical shock, as well as chemical contamination.
Seeking custom products.

Product Specifications:

Supply voltage: 5.0 ± 0.5VDC
Operating current: up to 10mA
Maximum output current: 1mA current
Pull current 0.1mA
Output impedance: up to 10Ω
Ratio type: ratio type
Output voltage (5VDC power supply): 0.51 - 4.85VDC

Working characteristics
Pressure range: 2.9 psia - 14.8 psia
20KPa - 102KPa
0.2 bar to 1.0 bar
Maximum pressure: 300KPa
Static Accuracy (% FS): 1.8 (typical)
pressure temperature sensor

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