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Intake pressure temperature sensor

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Intake pressure temperature sensor

The connector matches the AMP 1813760-1
5V DC power supply voltage, input pressure range: 0 ~ 400KPa adjustable, the pressure output for the linear voltage signal
Temperature range: -40 ~ 140 ℃, the temperature output for the resistance signal

The use of stable and reliable temperature measurement and make up the algorithm, has done a good job of warming, calibration, easy to use direct assembly of customers, stable and reliable cost-effective high-temperature data.

1, Specifications:

Operating voltage ----------------------- 3 V ~ 5V sensitivity ----------------- 1KPAa

Pressure range ----------- 1KPA ~ 3000KPA Response time --------------------------- 31ms

Output range range ------------ 1000 ~ 2000 AD maximum pressure ------------------------ 1KPa

Pressure measurement accuracy ------------------ 10PA Warming measurement accuracy -------------------- 1% FS

Working environment temperature ------------- -40 ~ +85 ℃ working current -------------------------- -≤3Ma

pressure temperature sensor

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