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NTC Termistor

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Product Introduction


NTC ThermistorNTC Thermistor
At Ya Xun,We offer a full range of NTC thermistor component services, products include: Mixed metal element - isostatic pressing forming - High temperature sintering - Semiconductor sliced - Dicing - Glass sintering or epoxy encapsulation -
Finished product testing.
We manufacture thermistors that export all over the world,Also created China's most high-quality sensitive components, with economic prices that can not be found elsewhere. When you send us a product parameter inquiry, our engineers will review your product requirements, and will explain to you the product features and applications, make sure the product meets your requirements.

What Is NTC Thermistor ?
NTC thermistor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, NTC thermistor can be widely used in temperature measurement, temperature compensation, suppression of inrush current and other occasions.

What Is NTC Thermistor

Characteristics Of NTC Thermistors
1, At the Ya Xun, NTC thermistor is the most important feature is the long service life, after the ultra-high temperature, high pressure test. The product is still high precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, it can still work for a long time stable.
2, small size, able to measure other thermometers can not measure the space, cavity and the temperature of blood vessels in the body;
3, easy to use, the resistance value can be arbitrarily selected between 0.1 ~ 100kΩ;
4, we can provide customers with different appearance of the shape of thermistor, and mass production;
5, Good stability, strong overload capacity.

Characteristics Of NTC Thermistors

NTC Thermistor Chip Sintering ProcessNTC Thermistor Chip Sintering Process
NTC thermistor semiconductors are mostly spinel structures or other structures of oxide ceramics, use manganese oxide, the copper, the silicon, the cobalt, the iron, the nickel, the zinc, or the like are sufficiently mixed,Molding, sintering and other processes made of semiconductor ceramics, can be made with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor. The resistivity and material constant vary with the material composition ratio, sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and structure state.

Case Study - NTC Thermistor Chip Manufacturing Process
NTC Thermistor Chip Manufacturing Process

NTC thermistor different seal
To meet the convenience of customer installation, Ya Xun every year will introduce different packages of products, can also be customized according to customer requirements of different shapes,NTC thermistor package also achieved diversification.Common products include: Epoxy thermistor, Single-ended glass thermistor, SMD glass thermistor, Resistive glass thermistor, Enameled wire thermistor, Thin film thermistor, SMD thermistor and so on.

Single-ended glass thermistor

Quality inspection
In Ya Xun, we carefully manage the quality control team, carefully check each of our thermistors. we have invested in advanced inspection and testing equipment to verify that your thermistor is made of the material you specify. We have passed ISO certification, and provide a certification document for each shipment. Contact our professional technical team to start your next NTC thermistor selection.

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